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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

can ‘Jericho’ be revived… again?

Speaking of last-ditch, past-the-last-minute campaigns to save TV shows…

I watching an episode of Threshold on Universal HD in December when an ad for the late, lamented short-lived series Jericho popped up. I thought, at first, that it was a promo for a rerun of the show on UHD. Not so. Turns out it’s part of a fan-funded and fan-produced crusade to revive the show. Its online HQ, SaveJerichoAgain.com, says that the ad also aired earlier in 2008, in June and September, in Los Angeles.

Here’s the ad:

I’ve never seen anything like this before: a TV spot funded and produced by fans as a rallying cry for their favorite dead series? A TV spot? That takes some major money… even on UHD, where, presumably, the audience is rather small.

It’s kind of cute, actually, but misguided, I think. The broadcast networks are all but dead. A cable network could, conceivably, pick up the show, but I suspect that any future this show — and lots others like it — has is purely Web-only. If fans can cough up the money to produce a TV ad, then surely they can cough up the money to pay for a show directly, at least in part. A million people watching a show on network TV ain’t much. A million people paying a buck a week to watch episodes of their favorite shows online should be doable.

Instead of pouring so much effort into trying to get someone else to make your show, why not make it yourself?

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