DVDs and screeners received: ‘President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey,’ ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000: XIV,’ more

Another new feature I thought you might like. I receive more DVDs in the mail than I can possibly ever review, but this way I can at least let know about some new things that are out there that you might be interested in. This are all Region 1, though I’ll note if they’re available in Region 2, too. (And as an aside to all those British DVD publicists out there, I’m totally open to checking out your DVDs, too. Send ’em on.)

It’s also a potentially interesting illustration of the kind of bombardment film critics get from publicists and filmmakers looking to get coverage of their work.

I won’t offer any commentary on possible worthiness. This is information only.

So, this is what I got in the mail this week, through Saturday.
DVDs you can buy:

President Barack Obama: The Man and His Journey. Documentary about the president-elect, featuring interviews with Martin Luther King III, Jesse Jackson Jr., and others. [available January 20; Region 1]

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XIV. New collection of “experiments” from Mike and the bots, including Mad Monster, Manhunt in Space, Soultaker, and Final Justice, all on DVD for the first time. [available February 3; Region 1]

Ready? OK!. A festival-favorite family comedy about a young boy who loves dresses, dolls, and cheerleading. Stars Michael Emerson, aka “Ben” on Lost. (This is from GLBT-friendly Wolfe Video, so we can assume this is a positive depiction of such a child, not a derogatory one.) [available March 24; Region 1]

Screeners for the press:

Leverage. Two upcoming episodes of the TNT original series, which is in the middle of its first season. [official site]

Burn Notice. The premiere episode of the new season of the USA original series, which returns on Thursday, January 22 at 10pm Eastern. (USA sent not a DVD but a link to an online digital press kit, which includes a full-length video of the premiere. I’m not crazy about this — the video is really tiny — but I’ll review it anyway.) [official site]

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Sun, Jan 18, 2009 2:30pm

Leverage is awful! It’s a dumbed down version of hustle with none of the wit and charm of Adrian Lester. I hate it sooo much!

Sun, Jan 18, 2009 3:14pm

I’ve watched a few episodes of leverage. It’s okay, it probably won’t last though. Definitely not in the same league as The Closer, In Plain Sight, The Cleaner and that Holly Hunter show that I like and can’t remember the name for some damn reason. Anyone seen that Patrick Swayze FBI show The Beast? I saw one episode, it wasn’t horrible, and man Patrick, while looking pretty rough, I guess looks pretty good for someone with pancreatic cancer.