Matt Smith and Billie Piper… ahem, together

Oh dear, the fodder for all the little fanboys and fangirls.

In the first season of Billie Piper’s series Secret Diary of a Call Girl — just out on DVD in Region 1 and reviewed here — there’s a special guest in one of the episodes: Matt Smith, Doctor Who’s 11th Doctor.

This is long before he was cast as the Doctor, of course. And everyone knows that Billie Piper isn’t really Rose Tyler, but still: tee-hee. The Doctor and Rose.

Okay, here’s the deal. Piper’s Belle has decided that she’s gonna take a break from hooking for a while, and Matt Smith is the handsome clerk at an upscale shop she meets while browsing for a wedding gift for a friend:

There is much flirting…



And then:

Oh my. At least he’s not one of her johns.

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