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question of the day: Can the Net support yet another entertainment news site?

Yesterday, former New York Times Hollywood correspondent Sharon Waxman launched her new site, The Wrap, which will feature, we’re told, “authoritative original reporting, curated news from around the globe, and exclusive contributions from insiders in the entertainment industry.”

The site’s about-us page includes this:

“Our aim is to create the premiere news and information site about the business of Hollywood for the digital age,” said Waxman. “TheWrap.Com is for anyone who is interested in understanding the changes on going on in entertainment and media culture, and navigating a global industry. We believe these exciting times demand a new perspective on covering the industry, one that embraces the interactivity of the web.”

It sounds as if The Wrap aims to be a Huffington Post or a Politico for Hollywood. But even with venture-capital funding and major advertisers, can it succeed in a realm that has long since been well settled by the pioneers who arrived 10 or 12 years ago?

Can the Net support yet another entertainment news site?

Will you read The Wrap? Or is your online dance card already too full?

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me.)

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  • Ryan H

    If they do a good job of it, I will absolutely read the site. Right now, I don’t think there really is a huffpo/politico fir the entertainment industry. It is a void to fill. Yes, there are a lot of sites that act as aggregators for press releases. There are also many good general review sites (like this one!) and good news sites devoted to specific shows or genres or statistics like Box Office Mojo. But there is no good source to disseminate original news and commentary about the industry in general.

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