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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica Opening”

I don’t usually post a “web video of the day” on Sunday, but I couldn’t wait to share this. It’s frakkin’ brilliant:

(via Oliver Wills via Sideshow)

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  • Brenda McDaniel

    Thanks for sharing MAJ . When IS Dr Who returning? I just watched Blackpool. David can dance and sing too(!) (sigh— fan girl crush on full).

  • Barb

    Now that’s wicked. Next new episode is suppose to air at Easter in the UK.

  • That was okay, I liked the Office/BSG opening a lot more though — I think you posted it a while ago. I’d like to see a reverse of this one, BSG footage with the Who theme.

  • Patti H

    That’s brilliant!

    Have you seen the Firefly/Doctor Who? (There are also DW crosses with the openings of Buffy and Angel.)

  • Ryan

    As a huge fan of both shows, I LOVE it.

  • Ryan

    well edited. I think doing it in reverse would be kind of difficult…I’m not sure anything in BSG happens that is whimsical enough to go with the ‘Who’ opening theme.

  • Katie Dvorak

    That was awesome. Teehee.

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