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watch it: “The Guacamole Song-Food Network”

Apparently there’s a big sports event this coming weekend during which people enjoy consuming various snack foods, such as this one:

This is what YouTube hath wrought: Everyone thinks that online video can be designed to be viral, as Food Network clearly hopes with this little ode to the veggie dip. (I must confess, though, that some of those recipes do sound yummy.) But, you know, you can’t force cheesiness… although cheesiness would be quite yummy, too, with some nachos.

To balance out the bad karma that comes from helping a corporation force the viralness of their video, I give you this to go with your guacamole: a fan-made video for the song “Pico De Gallo” by Trout Fishing in America. (The Trouts? They rock. Well, they folk. But still.)

Actually, I think the Trouts could have an infringement issue with some of the lyrics in “The Guacamole Song”…

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