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weekend open thread: Inauguration weekend!

Okay, so, the daily-open-thread idea I tried week before last didn’t work out so well, so let’s try this: a new open thread every weekend, when posting is lighter anyway. (Though I’ve got so much catching up to do that I suspect there will be a lot of new stuff here this weekend anyway.)

Feel free to ask me questions, ask other readers questions, discuss what movies/DVDs/whatever you’re gonna watch this weekend, or even talk about off-topic stuff that’s in the news, like Obama’s inauguration, the wicked-cold weather, Martin Luther King Jr., and so on.

Same commenting rules as always apply: Be smart, be kind, be passionate. Assume the best about other posters rather than the worst. Disagreements are fine as long as we act civilly about them. Imagine you’re at a party at my house, treat your fellow guests with respect, and know that I will ask you to leave if you don’t behave yourself.

Trolls and idiots will be deleted immediately.

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  • Mimi

    So I’m going to London, sometime in the next 6 months (probably either March or July), as a birthday present from Best Husband Ever. I realize this is Flick Filosopher, not Travel Filosopher, but if you have any suggestions of any kind, I’m all ears. I’ll go reread your posts from your last trip, too.

    (I’ve been to London before, so I’ve seen a lot of the tourist must-sees, but I haven’t been to any of the Big Museums, and I love Big Museums, so the main theme is: Big Museums. Plus a play. Plus as much Doctor Who geekery as I can drag my husband to.)


  • BSG! Wow! Right?

  • MaryAnn

    If you like Big Museums, Mimi, you must see the Victoria and Albert. It’s an astonishing collection of all the crap Britain acquired in its imperial days. I mean, there are rooms full of nothing but spoons. It’s amazing.

  • Bill

    JK Simmons is a master of his craft. I just watched “Burn After Reading” and his scenes were an absolute riot. And that terrorist fist jab exploding hand bit in the “I Love You, Man” trailer? Glorious. I was just thinking about bits that I watch over and over and laugh at each time. These two came to mind so I thought I’d give JK his propers. If anyone else is hiding from the cold and looking for a quick chuckle, here are a few recommendations:

    The outtakes on the “Serenity” DVD. There’s a baby Jesus line that’s a treasure.

    Monty Python’s “The Cheese Shop”

    The “Scrubs” episode “My Musical”

    The song “Model of a Modern Network TV Show” from the “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” episode “The Cold Open”

    These are a few things that really tickled me. What do you all go back to for laughs time after time?

  • Jan Willem

    Mimi, if you want to see a play in London, you might do worse than buy the latest issue of Time Out to get an idea of what’s on (you can also consult in online) and go to Leicester Square (after twelve or so?) to queue for tickets at half price or thereabouts. There’s almost always something worthwhile on offer. Some two or three years ago Leicester Square ticket prices enabled me to see a marvellous production of Schiller’s Mary Stuart, including a performance of Elizabeth I in a very Thatcherite vein. As my friend and I discovered during the interval, John Major was in the audience. I guess he’d been recommended to see the show to get Maggie out of his system!

  • MaryAnn

    I can second the suggestion to check out the Leicester Square tickets booth. Tickets are so cheap you can take a chance on a show you might not otherwise have any interest in.

    Theater in London is great, as long as you stay away from the touristy stuff.

  • Mimi, while I’m sure you’re going to the British Museum, don’t forget the British Library. Some amazing exhibits. As a bonus, it’s within a half mile or so of King’s Cross (the departure point for many Harry Potter books/movies). And just because there are Pizza Huts and McDonalds all over London doesn’t mean you have to eat there. I prefer the little carryout joints for their meat pies.

    I’m going to spend the next few days in DC, crashing in the guest room of my brother and sister-in-law. After a few days of -10 – 5 degree weather here in Pittsburgh, 30 degrees in DC will be downright balmy. I’ll be curious how close I can get to the Lincoln Memorial (probably not TOO close, but what the hell) and how many people will make it to the mall on Tuesday.

  • Mimi

    Victoria & Albert, British Library, Leicester Square tickets, all on the list. Thanks!

    Pizza Hut! Never. My rampant Anglophilia would not allow it.

    I too am going to stand FAR away from the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow and try to hear some music and soak up the good vibes! Maybe we’ll brush past each other in the crowd – ha.

  • Susan

    I’ve just watched the DVD of “Crime & Punishment” with John Simm as Raskalnikov. It was originally broadcast in 2002, but I think the DVD is recent. Takes a bit of getting into, but it’s so atmospheric, and totally engrossing.

  • As if enough famous people didn’t die last week, I just found out last night that American painter Andrew Wyeth passed away this Friday. He will be missed.

  • D

    Hey, Bill. You’re right. J.K. Simons is the man. Have you ever seen “Oz”? He plays schilinger, the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, and arguabally the worst of the bunch( that’s right, in a place where nearly everyone is a sociopath) , and can still make you feel some kind of empathy for him sometimes, no matter how downright creepy he is. And then he plays roles like the one in Spider-man…

  • Bill

    D – I’ve never seen “Oz” but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Probably have to check it out.

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