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weekend open thread: Super Bowl edition

I hear there’s a big game or something this weekend. Football… is that the one where the guys run around the bases, or the one they play on ice?

Gonna watch the game? Or maybe one of this week’s new movies is catching your eye?

Me: I’ve got so much catching up to do, it’s ridiculous. I still haven’t seen The Wrestler, still haven’t written my review of Revolutionary Road. I’ve barely looked at comments here all week, and that must be remedied. And I’ve got stuff to prepare and schedule for posting here so that the site isn’t totally fallow while I’m traipsing around London come Wednesday.

Same commenting rules as always apply: Be smart, be kind, be passionate. Assume the best about other posters rather than the worst. Disagreements are fine as long as we act civilly about them. Imagine you’re at a party at my house, treat your fellow guests with respect, and know that I will ask you to leave if you don’t behave yourself.

Trolls and idiots will be deleted immediately.

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  • JSW

    Football’s the game where people kick the black and white ball around.

  • I’m not entirely thrilled with the current selection in the theaters, for one. Second, I am a huge football fan (GO GATORS! GO BUCS! GO USF… Bulls… after another 5-game losing streak… oy), and I’ve been tuning in to Super Bowls since ’79.

    Since you’re not a huge football fan, MaryAnn, I heartily encourage you to at least watch The Wrestler, you ought to the reviews have been good, and you’ll still get your daily healthy intake of Bruce Springsteen tunes… ;-)

  • Ryan H

    Screw the superbowl. This is now a Battlestar Galactica thread! Starbuck hasn’t been this badass in years. And Tigh and Adama were awesome. I figure they could just about take back the ship themselves, frak Felix with his own fake leg and then airlock him.

  • Patrick

    Sports couldn’t mean less to me, and as I live in a particularly football-loving part of the country- Dallas, Texas- I usually go shopping and driving in the city because it is so much less crowded. Of course, when the Cowboys are in the Superbowl the stores and roads of Dallas truly are devoid of life. It is like being in a post-apocalypse world.

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