‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Someone to Watch Over Me”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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Oh man, oh man, things just keep getting worse.

“A few more jumps” is all Galactica has left in her, “but not many.” I’m telling ya: one more jump, that’s it. The ship shimmying the way it is at the beginning of this episode: so not good. And then all the damage done to it when Boomer jumps away.

Galactica is frakked.

Bad, bad Boomer. “Cavil wanted Hera. Boomer got her for him.” Athena recognizes Boomer immediately, but I guess we should forgive Helo for not picking up on the difference. (He’s gotta be hating himself right about now.) I kinda might have expected Hera to notice, though, that her mom is not her mom — she could have been screaming when Boomer took her from daycare. (We can assume it was some kinda knockout stuff in that sippy cup, so Boomer could get her into the equipment case, and so she’d keep quiet once in there.)

I was thinking for a while, early in this episode, “Hey, the chief is gonna end up in the brig with Sharon,” but by the end I was like: “Man, he’s gonna end up executed by Adama and Roslin, like Sharon will.” Unless things keep going downhill and everyone ends up dead when Galactica goes boom, or the food and air runs out before they can find a “habitable rock.”

“The last tube of Tauron toothpaste in the universe.” There’s something unbearably poignant about that. I can’t help but think, however, that there have got to be human survivors left on the nuked colonies. Not that they’re gonna be making toothpaste anytime soon, but clearly — we saw this — those planets were not rendered entirely uninhabitable.

Maybe that’s room for a whole new series: life in the postwar colonies.

I knew there was no way the piano player was gonna be real — where would a piano have come from all of a sudden? Except the piano was really there, wasn’t it, even if the player wasn’t, because Tighe and the others heard Kara playing that song: that song. Was Hera’s drawing some sort of prescience cry for help, like she knew — even if she didn’t know she knew — that she was gonna get kidnapped?

My head is exploding. In a good way. I’m gonna miss show. It’s funny how I went from absolutely hating it in the beginning to finding it so essential now.

Cylon projection? What? They’re gonna drop that on us at the last minute? Is that how the Six appears to Gaius? Is that what the opera house visions are about? *argh*

No wakeup yet for Sam, but maybe it’s still to come…

(next: “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”)

(Watch full episodes and get recaps at Sci Fi’s official site for the show.)

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Sat, Feb 28, 2009 2:53pm

Well, in all fairness they did tell us about Cylon projection back when Baltar was stuck on the base ship forever in season three, but they haven’t really mentioned it since then.

Man, this was an ep though…I am beginning to think they are just going to end the series with the Galactica going boom in the middle of the fleet and taking everyone with it…

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 3:01pm

Yeah, CoriAnn is right, the concept of projection is from way back.

Spoiler-ish(?) speculation below

I don’t really theorize much because I like to have BSG just wash over me, but I’m kinda pretty sure now that Kara’s dad’s real name is Daniel. Makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 3:39pm

I think Sam is going to be the hybrid of Galactica fulfilling the role of the dying leader. ( I actually think I saw Starbuck by the tank of a hybrid Sam in the promo next week…)

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 3:44pm

Kara’s dad’s real name is Daniel

I’m much for speculation either, but ooooh… that’s got a certain poetry to it, doesn’t it? Hmm.

Since Kara found herself on Earth, I’ve had the theory that she is effectively a cyclon. Whatever process the Final Five had enacted a millennium ago is still working; it detected her death, crafted a new body and download her persona. Being a descendant of a lost cylon model would be a help.

Holes in this hypothesis: 1) her new viper; 2) it would insinuate that Hera is not, in fact, the first hybrid. (Unless there are way more cylon models than we know about.)


Yet another great frakkin’ episode. Poor Chief! However, any one who watched the more recent Webisodes should have known… there’s something entirely ruthless about the Eights underneath that soft exterior.

When Hera first handed her “stars” to Kara, the first thing I thought was “map!” The fact that it’s a musical score does not invalidate this first idea. If anything, the show has demonstrated that art and astronavigation are intertwined.

Is anyone else bugged by Ellen spouting nonsense like “Hera is tapped into some unknown force that is manipulating us all.” Sheesh. She sounds like Baltar. Wake up and make forge your future, people! Sometimes it kind of irks me that the Final Five – deeply flawed people though they may be – have more pity parties than brainstorming sessions. They may not be the same people that re-created skin jobs, but the whole of the cylon defectors sure defer to them. I really up they finally step up: human/cylon co-existence is still far from a give.

Final thought: anyone applaud the election of a cylon representative to the quorum? (Of course, it’s a Six…)

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 4:08pm

Sonja is their version of Harvey Milk. So she’s not meant for this world. Sad.

Sat, Feb 28, 2009 5:08pm

Cylon projection is nothing new (http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Projection), but it is the first time two Cylons have shared one.

Sun, Mar 01, 2009 1:48am

If infant Hera could tell the difference between Boomer and Athena, why couldn’t she as a three year old? I really miss Sam. Why couldn’t it be Tory in a coma? Maybe because no one would care!

John Smith
Sun, Mar 01, 2009 5:43am

It’s so obvious it’s painful. Kara is the child of hardnosed soldier and the crazy artist. You could have said that in season one.

Laurie Mann
Sun, Mar 01, 2009 8:27am

I expect the show will end with the Galactica self-destructing, but maybe a few people finding a lifeline somewhere. Either that, or it’s clear that the Cylons are the only survivors of the human race.

I agree that the toothpaste line also got to me.

While so many little things happened in last night’s episode, I think it was a mistake to not reference Balter, the girls and those guns in some way. I’m sure that will play a big part in the last episodes.

Tue, Mar 03, 2009 7:42pm

So how long until Cavil comes knocking?

If Boomer can find the fleet… so can he. He has Hera now. He knows Galactica is falling apart.

He’s coming.