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‘Battlestar Galactica’ open thread for “Blood on the Scales”

I’m wandering London at the moment, so last night’s BSG is waiting for me on my DVR — I’ll watch it and blog about it when I return home. For now, use this open thread to chat about the episode. Feel free to spoil, but behave yourselves — I’ll be avoiding the comments here until I watch the episode. If someone is really getting out of hand, please email me to let me know, and I’ll deal with it.

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  • eric-jon rössel waugh

    I’m getting the feeling that Baltar may be the hero in the end.

  • PaulW

    Feel free to SPOIL? So it’s okay to tell you about that cameo appearance by William Shatner? He totally nailed his scene…


  • Anne-Kari

    Gotta say, I was loving Adama the most during this episode. He basically spends the entire episode telling anyone within earshot to go fuck themselves. When he runs out of words he starts spitting. It is awesome.

  • JoshDM

    Adama and Kara DIED!!!!!!!

    I love posting incorrect spoilers for the first part of the sentence, so they show up on the scroll, but then when you click the article you can actually read that this isn’t an actual spoiler (OR IS IT???!!!???).

    We’ll see what MAJ says. Meanwhile, these last couple of episodes have been an interesting reveal at exactly HOW MUCH power Gaeta wielded throughout the series, by finally beating us over the head with it. Glad Richard Hatch is off the series; Zarek was a (GREAT!) pain in the ass.

    And next week: Back to the Cylon Mythos-centric stories!

  • This episode was the weakest of this season so far — and I don’t mean the story or characters, just the actual episode: the way it was cut together felt like it should’ve been another 30 minutes longer. Stuff just kept happening at a breakneck pace, it was a little disconcerting… not enough character moments.

    They should have mushed this two-parter over into a third episode, or eliminated a few of the subplots — Tyrol’s bits were great, but probably unnecessary (for instance).

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