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weekend open thread: dead end of winter edition

I am so cinematically depressed at the moment. I missed posting a lot of my usual stuff this week — like the box office reports and new DVD news — because I’m so depressed about the state of things. Sure, it’s great that people are going to the movies in huge numbers, but they’re going to see such crap that I can barely stand it. The two new wide releases this weekend weren’t even screened for critics. Looking ahead, there’s very little to be excited about until summer.

I’ve decided, though, to forgive myself for all the posting I missed this week, spend the weekend finding stuff to get excited about again (I do have a lot of very interesting looking DVDs I should be writing about), and then getting back into the groove next week.

So, what’s your weekend like?

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  • Jan Willem

    Watched “Tommy” (1975) by Ken Russell and The Who on Saturday night and had a blast. It’s a prophetic precursor of the video clip and a pretty funny satire of religious fanaticism with some spectacularly OTT set and costume designs. Oliver Reed as Tommy’s shifty stepdad is hilarious (and looks like Ian Dury’s older cousin) while Ann-Margret is drop dead gorgeous, with or without baked beans. (I guess female viewers will enjoy Roger Daltrey, looking very fit and bare-chested.) Unfortunately the soundtrack involves some synthesizers that haven’t aged at all well. The 1969 album is more coherent. Still, a nice trip down memory lane.

  • jakob1978

    Well, given that I knew there was nothing i really wanted to watch this weekend, I browsed amazon and bought a copy of “Auf Wiedersehen Pet” complete series 1 and 2. A classic bit of Brit TV from the early 80’s. Have watched the first 5 episodes of S1, and totally recommend it.

    And have also watched a couple of Bond films, because SKY are having a Bond in HD season (I don’t have HD, so had to make do with the SD versions), watched Dr No (which i hadn’t seen for years, and was pleasently surprised that it was a far better film than i’d remembered) and Goldfinger (which is completely overrated).

  • Had a very non-movieish time this weekend. We spent much of Friday and Saturday getting ready for a dinner party for some of Jim’s relatives last night. Then, we watched Battlestar Galactica.

    I may go see a movie today. Fanboys has finally hit our area, but it’s been getting such horrible reviews that I may pass on it. I just noticed Milk is playing at a theater near my house, so I might go see that again.

  • Bill

    So I just recently left NYC and moved to Pittsburgh (if anyone out there is considering doing the same, don’t). Anyway, as I know no one in this weird little town, I hit craigslist. I put together a fun little quiz/survey and tossed it up in the personals. One of the questions is as follows:

    A dashing, time-traveling space alien that looks human and calls himself The Doctor shows up on Earth in a spaceship that looks like a 1950’s style London police box (the interior is much larger than the exterior). You assist him in defeating an alien that threatened your hometown. As he prepares to leave on another dangerous adventure through time and space, he invites you to join him. Do you go with him?

    The best answer so far:
    “jeezus fucking christ hell yeah omg where is he i cant fucking wait can i have a ray gun”

    It’s the “ray gun” that makes it art.

  • Paul

    Saw “Once” with a date and showed her photos of my trip to Europe on Friday, spent Saturday morning at the gym and the afternoon on my book, and Sunday went hiking with a friend of mine followed by grocery and book shopping because it is forecast to rain for the next nine days and those are two things I’ll need to get through it.

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