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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

weekend open thread: home alone edition

You kids behave yourselves while mom’s away.

Same commenting rules as always apply: Be smart, be kind, be passionate. Assume the best about other posters rather than the worst. Disagreements are fine as long as we act civilly about them. Imagine you’re at a party at my house, treat your fellow guests with respect, and know that I will ask you to leave if you don’t behave yourself.

Trolls and idiots will be deleted immediately.

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  • Shadowen

    Well, you haven’t crashed yet. You must either have a sturdy server or you weren’t hit with a massive influx of visitors most people get from being linked on the news page of Penny Arcade.

  • Yeah, I was amazed to find things still working after I saw that link. It reminded me that Tycho is the reason I found you in the first place, MaryAnn, last time he linked you (like in 07 maybe).

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