weekend open thread: Oscar edition

Gonna watch the Oscars tomorrow night? It’s the only award show I ever watch, so I’ll be there. On my couch, I mean, not in Los Angeles.

Still catching up stuff that fell behind while I was away, like reading and responding to comments. And I’ve got lots of stuff from my trip still to post, including two contests with British goodies as prizes. Stay tuned…

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Sean Riley
Sean Riley
Sun, Feb 22, 2009 11:27pm

Bleh. I was all behind Obama. I really was. Then we had the State Secrets act issue. Then we had the secretive press handling.

Again and again and again, we’re now seeing the true picture: The White House will have no change.

Links for points of consideration.


And yes, I’m a Glenn Greenwald fan. He’s quickly becoming the most essential political blogger on the net.