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‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Daybreak: Part 1”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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Is someone dreaming of Caprica City “before the fall”? (That’s an interesting phrase: “before the fall.” Very biblical.) I mean, it seems like a dream, not a flashback, doesn’t it, the way it opens, all sort of impressionistic and, well, dreamlike.

Or it’s a Cylon projection? Someone has projected the whole thing, going who knows how far back? Back to the nebula? All the way back to Caprica City “before the fall,” or just at the fall?

I don’t really think we’ll end up with anything so clichéd as “it was all a dream.” But there’s something going on here

Is something making everyone dream about the past? Is it just the Galactica being torn apart that’s making everyone nostaglic? It’s the last piece of the old world, the last piece of the way things used to be (at least for those who’ve been living on Galactica), and when it’s gone, the old world is gone. The past is gone.

Oh, but this is cruel, seeing everyone so happy and pre-apocalypse. Well, Laura’s happy for a bit, and then is slammed with tragedy. And we know that Kara will be coping with Zack’s death soon enough. And Gaius… oh Gaius, who is so cruel to his father, difficult though he may be, that even Caprica Six is stunned.

(Somehow, Caprica Six’s reaction to Gaius’s father makes me think way back to the beginning, when she strangled that baby just before the nuke attacks, and how that seems like a kindness all of a sudden.)

And now, in the here-and-now, it’s Gaius, this terrible man with no apparent empathy, who is the leader of the last group with any spiritual aspect to it, a group trying to gain political power?

Aha: Sam was once all about “beauty of physics,” the “wonder of mathematics”? And now he wants to “find the perfect world for the end of Kara Thrace”? Is Sam gonna be everyone’s savior — is he gonna find a world they can live on and jump them there?

Drunk Lee trying to chase the bird out of his house, and doing more damage rather than leaving the poor confused thing alone… And did he maybe kill it? Is that what we’re meant to think?

Lee with the bird is going to be very important, I suspect.

This is not where I was expecting us to be in the final moments of this series — nowhere near. In a thematic sense, I mean, or a spiritual sense. Everything is in such turmoil that we can’t even talk about things like, “Is it gonna turn out to be too late to save Hera?” It’s more like, “Can anybody be saved?”

Is Adama’s decision to go after Hera — a hybrid human and machine, half of her made up of the people who destroyed human civilization — the key here? Is the decision to stop seeing the distinction between human and Cylon the important thing, even if no one survives beyond that?

That would be a truly depressing end.

Hera is going to be the little bird, I think, whatever happens.

It’s almost over… Nooooo…..

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