question of the day: Do you still have a VCR?

A story on Cinematical over the weekend wrapped up the state of the decline of the VHS tape, with a particular emphasis on how many classic films are not available on DVD. Some of the commenters in response call out writer Peter Martin for ignoring DVD releases outside Region 1, and take issue with Martin’s basic premise that the death of the videotape is to blame for the lack of availability of some films.

Whether or not classic films can still be had on VHS is a moot point, of course, if you no longer have a VCR.

Do you still have a VCR?

I got rid of my last VCR years ago, and I hadn’t used it for years prior to that. And I haven’t felt the loss of it. I owed only a few commercially released movies on VHS — most of the my tapes were TV shows that I had recorded myself. And most of those are now available on DVD.

Not that I don’t hope for every film to be available for anyone to see, whether on DVD or streaming or on demand — and I think that day is coming — but I don’t miss my VCR one bit.


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