question of the day: Is there anything left to do with Dick Tracy?

There’s a legal dispute in progress over the rights to Dick Tracy. You know, the hard-boiled crime fighter your grandfather read in the funny papers when he was a kid:

Dick Tracy has landed in a Delaware bankruptcy court, as Chicago Tribune parent Tribune Co.’s Tribune Media Services filed suit late Thursday to clarify that it — and not Hollywood star Warren Beatty — owns the rights to the comic-strip crime-stopper.

People are actually fighting over the rights to this?

Tribune Co., which filed for Chapter 11 protection last December, wants a judge to confirm its unfettered rights to the iconic square-jawed detective, which it says are “worth, potentially, millions” to Tribune Co. and its creditors.

Millions? Someone thinks that?

Beatty, who acquired rights to the character from TMS in 1985 and made the 1990 movie “Dick Tracy” starring himself and Madonna, was required to produce another Tracy television or movie project to retain the rights, according to Tribune Co.

“Warren has always viewed Dick Tracy as a very valuable, interesting iconic character,” attorney Charles Shephard told Tribune Co.’s Los Angeles Times at that time. “He has all sorts of creative thoughts about what he might do with this character.”

Seriously? Is there anything left to do with Dick Tracy? Cuz I don’t see it if there is.

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