question of the day: Was Jon Stewart unfair to CNBC when he lambasted Jim Cramer?

It’s hard to believe that someone so prominent would be so willing to out himself in public as a big ol’ crybaby:

NEW YORK, March 18 (Reuters) – NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker fired back at comedian Jon Stewart on Wednesday, saying it was “unfair” and “absurd” for the funnyman to criticize CNBC and question its coverage of financial news.

“Everybody wants to find a scapegoat. That’s human nature,” Zucker said during a keynote address at a media industry conference. “But to suggest that the business media or CNBC was responsible for what is going on now is absurd.”

“Just because someone who mocks authority says something doesn’t make it so,” Zucker said, describing the comedian’s comments as “completely out of line.”

I wonder if Zucker has ever watched one of his own network’s longest-running shows, Saturday Night Live?

Oh, but there’s more:

Zucker, speaking at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York on Wednesday, said that CNBC’s reporters and commentators had done a “terrific” job and the network remained a “go-to” place for financial news.

“It’s unfair to CNBC and to the business media in general,” Zucker said. “I don’t think you can blame what happened here on the business media.”

The CEO of NBC Universal, which also owns the NBC broadcast network, cable channels like Bravo and USA, theme parks and a film studio, among other businesses, said the public was tired of hearing the media blamed for its coverage of financial news.

“Frankly, I already think you’re seeing a backlash,” he said.

I think there’s a backlash, all right, but not in the way he’s suggesting.

What do you think? Was Jon Stewart unfair to CNBC when he lambasted Jim Cramer?

If you can hear me laughing in derision from wherever you are, then you already know my answer.

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me.)

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