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question of the day: What can the Vatican hope to accomplish with a boycott of ‘Angels and Demons’?

Rumor has it the Vatican may be planning to announce a Catholic boycott of the upcoming film Angels and Demons, opening worldwide in May:

Avvenire, the Vatican’s official newspaper, ran a story in Friday’s edition noting that the church “cannot approve” of such a problematic film. The Turin daily La Stampa, meanwhile, said the Vatican soon will call for a boycott of the film, though the same article also quoted Archbishop Velasio De Paolis, who warned against a “boomerang effect” that could call attention to the film and eventually make it more popular.

Of course, the Vatican actually did boycott The Da Vinci Code a few years back (for “slanderous” offenses against Catholicism), but the film earned three-quarters of a billion dollars around the world anyway.

What can the highest of the high priests of the Catholic Church be thinking? What can the Vatican hope to accomplish with a boycott of Angels and Demons?

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