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question of the day: What would a ‘Watchmen’ sequel look like?

It’s been all Watchmen all week! Why not? We’re all geeked.

So here’s some more: What would a Watchmen sequel look like?

I know: it’s preposterous question, right? It’d be like making a sequel to Moby Dick. Or A Tale of Two Cities.

Yet a sequel has apparently not been outside the realm of possibility, as Warner Bros. sees it:

Although the stars of Watchmen, which opens on Friday, are contractually obligated to appear in a sequel, there appears little likelihood that a sequel will actually be produced, the Los Angeles Times observed today (Wednesday). Director Zack Snyder indicated that his contract does not call for him to direct a sequel and that if asked to do so, he would refuse. “Will they make one? I have no idea how you would. The work is the work.” The newspaper pointed out that the current movie is faithful to the original Alan Moore graphic novel and that no sequel was ever published.

Good on Snyder for refusing to consider the idea, but why put actors under contractual obligation to appear in a sequel in the first place if there’s no chance of doing it? Of course Warner Bros. could hire another director: McG, maybe. Or Brett Ratner. Wouldn’t that be… apocalyptic?

So what would a sequel look like? Probably Laurie is pregnant with Doctor Manhattan’s atomic baby, which she and Dan will have to raise on their own. Oh, the trouble that kid gets in! It’ll be called Watchmen II: Honey, the Baby Blew Up New York.

Give it a try!

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me.)

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  • JoAnn Gredell

    A Tale of Two Cities Two. I like it!

  • JoshDM


    The adventures of Silk Comedian and Nite-Owl, forced by circumstance to bring Ozymandius to justice.

    Government secretly tries to re-create the experiment that created Dr. Manhattan, but generates a monster or two and Ozy has to summon Jon back to Earth. He comes, with a set of his new (super-)humans in tow to maintain order. The situation is cleared, but to avoid future annoyance, Manhattan wipes Earth.

  • Hank Graham

    In a related note, go check out toe piece at slate, “what iif Woody Allen directed Watchmen?” I particularly liked the Sofia Coppola version, which I feel like I’ve already seen.

  • MaSch

    TOTC: The Napoleon Years

    Charles Darnay ne Evremonde’s marriage with Lucy has become rather strained after Charles suspects that their firstborn son has more resemblance to Sidney Carton than to him.

    Meanwhile, Napoleon conquers Europe and is about to conquer England, too. Dr Manette becomes sane again for a very short incidence and is able to convince Napoleon (his nephew, as it turns out) to keep on the continent. However, Charles Darnay screws this up since his uncle also caused tragedy in the Bonaparte family.

    Young Sidney Darnay falls in love with a typical Dickensian female lead, but has to go to war and die there. His father comments: “It is a far far better thing he has done than he did ever before. It is a far far better rest he has gone to than he has ever known.” Shocked by this insensitivity, Lucy runs away from him and becomes a mistress of Napoleon.

  • Ben F.

    Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II make a Porno

  • You guys are killing me! *chuckle*

    Just don’t let Hollywood see any of these ideas!

  • *hides before Watchmen 2: Watch Harder becomes a reality.

  • drew ryce

    ..why put actors under contractual obligation to appear in a sequel in the first place if there’s no chance of doing it?

    Not uncommon in a larger budget film. The producer owns the sequel rights. Locking in key parts of the principal cast keeps their price down and makes the rights more valuable (and transferable).
    Snyder isn’t locked in because directors almost never are and, in any event, no way would a director at his stage of a soaring career allow himself to be locked into an ungreenlit sequel.

    As for the sequel itself, a prequel would be an easy studio sale e.g. “Watchmen: The Camelot Years”.
    Set in the, lets say late 50s, early 60s. perhaps with the Kennedy assasination as the dramatic finale.
    Carla G without the old make-up, Cruddup just recently transformed and therefor much more human, a younger Comedian, the original NiteOwl, Nixon, Marilyn Monroe, new villains, etc.

  • Mischief Maker

    One day after the ending, a race of friendly squid aliens from outer space arrive on earth to spread a message of peace and mutual cooperation. These emissaries are promptly slaughtered by the newly unified world governments. An intergalactic war is sparked and in the end the Earth is turned into a new asteroid belt.

  • WATCHMEN II: The Watchers

    “Who Watches the Watchmen?” A secret organization within Nixon’s government, that’s who! The G-men use every trick in the book to keep a watchful eye on the masks. See as they dig the dirt on Dreiberg. See them nearly catch Rorschach but don’t once more. See them perve at Silk Spectre. Only Ozimandius eludes their watchful gaze because “Tricky Dick” doesn’t think that a “homo like Veidt could be a danger to anyone”.

    Coming soon direct to DVD!

  • Sara

    I think Drew R is on to something–a presequel. Especially since The Watchmen aren’t known as Superman, Batman, etc., are in our culture. A presequel could work.

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