Stephen Colbert is on fire these days

I thought Stephen Colbert had reached a comedic peak recently with that “Swedish model/emulate-the-Vikings” word-of-the-day bit. But his Doom Bunker segment tonight had me actually doubled over with laughter.

It’s nice to ache from comedy. It happens so rarely.

If we thought that the advent of elegant, optimistic, at-least-publicly-nonsnarky Barack Obama — a Barack Obama who is not, so far, himself snark-worthy — meant the death of irony, then we were wrong again. The death of smart, snide, laughing-on-the-outside-cuz-we’re-crying-on-the-inside humor has been announced again and again since 9/11, and yet it is still going strong.

And now that the right-wingers have been driven round the bend by the abject failure of their philosophies and the (again, so far) wholehearted embracing of Obama by the American public… now that we can straight-up laugh at right-wing idiocy because their idiocy is not actually in the White House and has no power to affect us… oh, man, the fun we’re having. Rush Limbaugh and CNBC and all the rest of them have started bringing the crazy in full force, and it is comedy gold.

Werewolf Congress… hyperinflation putting silver bullets beyond the reach of the military… Oh my god, I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. It felt great.

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