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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the American faux ‘Life on Mars’ is cancelled

I kept trying to watch the American Life on Mars, even after I said I was giving up on it. But a few weeks ago I had to stop whatever dumb episode I was in the middle of because I simply could not bear it anymore, not even to have on in the background while I did other stuff. It was that stupid, and I was afraid I would do damage to my TV throwing something at it if I continued watching one second more.

And now comes this cheery news: The show has been cancelled:

Harvey Keitel, Jason O’Mara and Michael Imperioli’s U.S. sci-fi TV series Life On Mars has been cancelled – just five months after the show first aired.

The American programme, adapted from a popular British series of the same name, began airing in October, but has not seen the same success as its U.K. counterpart, which has won BAFTA and Emmy Awards.

The final episode is scheduled to air next month.

But wait! They’re still bringing the stupid:

ABC has given producers of Life on Mars an early notice that it won’t be renewing the show for next season, thereby giving them sufficient time to write and produce a definitive ending for the series, TVWeek reported Monday. “We felt it was the right thing to do for the producers and the fans and creatively,” ABC Entertainment Group President Steve McPherson told the trade publication, which noted that by giving the series “closure”, it will enhance ABC’s ability to sell it on DVD and syndicated it to a cable network.

The fans. That’s cute.

Oh, but wait! What’s that I said almost a year ago, in May 2008?:

American TV is going to screw it up. Here’s the first way it’ll get ruined: LoM is only 16 episodes in its entirety, two seasons of eight episodes apiece. Sixteen perfect hours telling a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. But American TV doesn’t know how to do that: 16 episodes isn’t even a full single season, and you can bet that David E. Kelley has a commitment from ABC to do five years, if the ratings are good enough to warrant it. Which means that the American version will start with an entirely different agenda, not to move Sam Tyler through his strange situation but to set him down in a situation that he cannot, by definition, ever get through, at least not until the tacked-on final episode when they realize they’d better wrap things up because the show’s about to be cancelled.

Kelley bowed out, but I was right about the rest of it. All those extra possibilities the American producers thought they were so clever about inventing to explain’s Sam’s predicament, so the show could go on and on forever? Ha. I bet they do what they’ve been doing all along: they’ll steal from the original, and their ending will still feel rushed, cheap, and tacked on.

Good news, though: the proper Life on Mars is finally coming to Region 1 DVD in July (it’s not yet available for preorder, but I’ll let you know when that happens).

More good news: After I wrap up my Torchwood blogging, which is nearing its end, I’m gonna jump into Life on Mars blogging. I can’t wait to watch it all over again.

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  • Susan

    And what a perfect excuse for me to HAVE to watch it all again too.

  • Katie Dvorak

    Glad to hear it’s finally coming to Region 1 so I can finally see it. :)

  • Barb

    Not sorry to see the US version cancelled (I never actually took even a single peek at the show since the original is still a classic in my books and did not need to be remade).

    Good news about the R1 release but one has to wonder how intact the soundtrack is going to be of the show. In any case, I’ll keep my R2’s – me thinks it’s time for another marathon of watching the show.

  • Chris

    So ABC gives LoM the rest of the season, but Fox kills Firefly after 12 episodes.

  • allochthon

    > Good news, though: the proper Life on Mars is finally coming to Region 1 DVD in July


    > I’m gonna jump into Life on Mars blogging.


  • Joey

    Well I thought it was just starting to get good, having broken from the original it could actually take something new. So I hope the ending is TOTALLY different, since it was at it’s best when it was least derivative of the original. But I know that view us not welcome here!

  • JasonJ

    So what is your knowledge on Ashes To Ashes, the sequel series to LoM coming on BBC? I never watehd the American version, and admittedly didn’t know of the “good” version until seeing adds on BBC for Ashes To Ashes.

  • JIMMY W.

    I think this show was getting good, and has a great
    cast. It should have been given more of a chance. As far as you snobs that just LOOOOVVVVEEEE BBC programs…..good lord you just like it becuase you think it makes you “smarter” than others. With the excpetion of Top Gear and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes most are unwatchable.

  • Redgirl3

    I LOVE Life on Mars. I am so disappointed to hear it is being cancelled. I just discovered it about a month ago, and now I get together with my husband and my best friend to watch it. I watch so few TV shows…most of it is crap. There is finally something different and interesting and it’s killed. Boo!

  • Mike powell

    The network complains about the ratings and at the same time has the first year show up against TV icons CSI and Law and Order. Sometimes a quality show like this needs a season or two to establish itself. What a waste of good acting, quality writing and a memorable cast. And, if you wanted good ratings why not put it in a time slot that might be better suited for a first year show.

  • Mike powell

    The network complains about the ratings and at the same time has the first year show up against TV icons CSI and Law and Order. Sometimes a quality show like this needs a season or two to establish itself. What a waste of good acting, quality writing and a memorable cast. And, if you wanted good ratings why not put it in a time slot that might be better suited for a first year show.

  • rpetty

    I personally love the American version of Life On Mars. I have never seen the UK version nor do I have any desire to. I am an American so I don’t think I could relate to the UK in 1973. This American version of the show has brought me back to my American upbringing in the 70’s. And no matter how good the UK version is….I wouldn’t relate to it. So, don’t knock the American version too much. Some of us just can’t relate to a 1973 UK.

  • ncfjj

    I am so disappointed to hear that Life on Mars is being cancelled. I LOVE this show. I have yet to see a show done this days that does such a good job portraying a time like that realistically. The music, the clothes, the hair styles, the language, everything about it is great.

    Now hearing people complain that it is not as good as the british version, well I’m an American, not a Brit, and rarely find anything on BBC amusing or entertaining. I hope that one of the other networks are smart enough to pick it up like what happened with JAG.

    As for the person who wrote the above article saying “for the fans, that’s cute” yes, for the fans, because we love this show. It’s our show, and it suits us.

  • rose

    Didn’t ABC learn a lesson after they canceled a good show “JAG” and CBS came in and took it over for 10 years. Now another network needs to do the same with “Life on Mars”. It is the best show on TV now. My family and I can’t wait for Wednesday nights to come so we can watch this show. The acting is fantastic, and I don’t say this lightly, as I am a Talent Manager in Los Angeles. Everything on this show is so accurate, the clothes, the hair styles, the music, the attitudes, etc. It is such a shame that ABC has decided to cancel this show, when it really didn’t give it a chance. If it was shot here in Los Angeles I would be outside of the studio protesting. Fans of this show needs to do write ABC and plead for them to reconsider as my family and friends plan to do.

  • Katherine

    Let have some more mind drool like American Idol and The Bachelor. I will stick to BBC & CBC, thank you very much.

  • Heather

    When I heard about the abc version of this show, I decided not to search very hard for the original. I wanted to be able to enjoy the abc version and I knew that wouldn’t happen if I already had an idea of what the show should be. That’s just how it works. When I found out it was being canceled, I was irked. This is what American television does. Someone mentioned Firefly, and that was a great example. I’m still peeved that I never found out what was up with those bizarre sea creatures from Surface (was that nbc?) and I’m irritated about the Pushing Daisies cancellation too. I should just stop watching tv altogether and listen to satellite radio…except the Sirius/XM merger dropped my favorite station! They’re all out to get me! ;)

  • Bill

    Life on Mars is simply one of the best shows on TV. This is great scripted television. But, somehow the only prime time shows that seems to attract an audience is the mindless reality dribble they call entertainment which is better left for dead. But as long as those shows attract an audience the networks will give us more of the same. DWTS, Super Nanny, American Idol, and loser shows like “The Biggest Loser” which basically is what all these shows are. What does that say about the average American who watches TV? Life on Mars is in a class with a lot of the great TV shows of the past. The difference is; those great shows that became great hits had a chance to build an audience. Today, if it doesn’t catch on in 2 or 3 episodes, it’s done. And there is also something to be said about consistancey. For some reason, this show was put on hiatus shortly after it hit the airwaves. And then, some 2 months later, it was brought back. Now, THERE was a smart move. I’m sure that did a lot for the shows ratings. ABC is one of the worst networks when it comes to giving shows, with a lot of potential, a chance to find an audience. On the other hand, I give NBC credit for sticking with quality shows that have not been instant hits. Shows like The Office, 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights and even Medium. Let’s look at the real world, sometimes it takes time to find an audience and a good show like Life on Mars, if given some time, could find its audience, too. But, airing 4 or 5 episodes in the Fall and then re-starting the series the end of January does not give any show the shot it needs to be successful. Pushing Daisies was another good ABC show that was ZAPPED prematurely! But, then again, all the good shows on ABC end up in the Prime Time grave yard pushing daisies. What could be the next good show ABC will want us to watch and just when it’s getting your attention, they’ll turn out the lights and the next thing you’re watching is “Dancing Off the Pounds” now in HD!

  • BabyBlue

    There is a certain yawn factor to any “article” that can’t help gush over all things BBC, in fact American self loathing in general is getting a bit zzzzz…sorry dropped off for a minute there. Personally I preferred the American version of LoM. The UK version being a bit too Dr. Who for me to really get into. Am I surprised it’s canceled, not in the least. 3 seasons of Rock of Love…I really can’t say anything else.

  • Rbastid

    Talk about coming at this show with a selfrightious attidute, by the looks of you and some posters you came into the show without giving it a chance, assuming the British version will always be the superior show.

    This past Wed. episode showed why it should stay on the air, it was the perfect mix of comedy and drama, Law and Order and a Monty Python skit.

    If a show is so amazing why would you want it to end in just 16 episodes? No attention span? Can’t remember enough after that few amount of episodes? If you love a show you should want to learn about all the characters and have each expanded on, being happy with a nice tidy story is like saying you got through the War but who needs to read the Peace, thats just for no nothing dumb American TV.

  • MaryAnn

    If a show is so amazing why would you want it to end in just 16 episodes?

    It’s not about *wanting* a show to end: it’s that stories are about beginnings, middles, and ends. Many TV dramas are ongoing series of short stories with the same characters, and that’s fine for some dramas. But *Life on Mars* is more like a novel: it was not created with the intent that the character of Sam Tyler could be dragged through 100 stories.

    And anyone who can say that *Life on Mars* is “tidy” has no idea what it’s about… or has only seen the simplistic American version.

  • Heather

    What’s wrong with wanting the show to end in just 16 episodes? This is exactly why I am happy that Lost now has a time limit. Writers now have a chance to FINISH THE STORY, instead of adding more fluff. I wish American television would do more of that. I might actually get to see a few REAL endings.

  • LeeAnn

    I am so bummed!! Our whole family looks forward to it every week and can’t believe it’s cancelled! Taking it off the air and leaving shows like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty is just plain stupid.

  • Mellie

    The great thing about BBC series is the shorter seasons where they don’t pad a story or beat a story to death (or have a million commercials, BBC AMERICA) ala “ER”. I am so happy to learn that we are finally going to get “proper” Life on Mars over here; the BBC America episodes are all edited to accommodate the million commercials! Really enjoying the first few episodes of “Ashes to Ashes”.

    I tried to watch the US “Life on Mars”, but Harvey Keitel is no Philip Glenister. There is only one Gene Hunt. That being said, I do think it is nice that “LoM” US gets to finish the season, unlike its sister show “Pushing Daisies”, which vanished before showing the final episodes. If the networks don’t give the viewers time to find some of these more challenging/better written programs, then we are all going to end up still watching reality trash like “Big Brother” a century from now!

  • Tony Anderson

    How sad is it that Mary Jo Whats-her-name doesn’t have a clue about the nature of this series. She clearly wanted to hate the US remake before it ever hit the airwaves, so why did she even bother watching it?

    I love the original UK version of the show and always will like it a little more then any remake simply because it was the original version of the story. This however doesn not stop me from enjoying the terrific work that the US version has accomplished. Some of the themes and ideas found in the UK version were exanded and more often then not, improved in the US version. The characters were fleshed out a bit more and we began to see what makes them tick.

    I find it shocking that I read such a chilish review for ANY television show online from someone who claims to be a professional. If you can’t find both good and bad in a series, then you are just being ignorant and dismissive.

    For those of you who love the original and were debating, don’t. You get to have more LIFE ON MARS and in the end that is what matters most.

    I think Ms. Johansen should stick to soaps and unreality tv.

  • MaryAnn

    If you can’t find both good and bad in a series, then you are just being ignorant and dismissive.

    A critic *must* find both good and bad in everything?


    I think Ms. Johansen should stick to soaps and unreality tv.

    I assume you mean me, even though my name is neither Mary Jo nor Johansen. But why on Earth would I watch things I hate, like soaps and reality shows?

    Believe what you will, but I would have loved to love the American *Life on Mars.* And if you can’t accept that, Mr. Andersen, then why shouldn’t I just believe that you were determined to hate me before you even read anything I’d written about *Life on Mars* — since you’ve stated that only critics who fit your narrow, bizarre perception of what criticism is count as critics?

  • Valerie Anaya

    Please you cannot let this show end It’s the best series I have ever seen.

  • Trail Boss

    MaryAnn Johanson, did you grow up somewhere in the U.K. ?? How would you know what life in the UK was like back in the 70s ?? I sure don’t, and NONE of my friends and co-workers do either. WE all remember what life in the US was like all through the 70s, and Life On Mars is an excellent trip down memory lane EVERY week. I had a 1970 Chevelle SS at one time – Sam’s car is AWESOME. What is WRONG with you? You must not be from around here.

    First ABC cancells Boston Legal, and now LoM ?? Time to start a campaign to BOYCOTT ABC and their Advertisers!

  • MaryAnn

    MaryAnn Johanson, did you grow up somewhere in the U.K. ?? How would you know what life in the UK was like back in the 70s ?? I sure don’t, and NONE of my friends and co-workers do either. WE all remember what life in the US was like all through the 70s, and Life On Mars is an excellent trip down memory lane EVERY week.

    Try reading some of the other stuff I’ve written about this show… like how I did, in fact, grow up in NYC in thr 1970s, and still the U.K. original feels more genuine to me than the lousy American remake.

    Have you seen the British show, Trail Boss? Give it a try…

  • Amy

    I watched and LOVED the UK version of this show. I was excited, but hesitant, about an Amercan version. Seems everything the US tries to do that the Brits did already is either god awful (Coupling US anyone?) or cancled before it got a chance to end.

    I too wondered how the heck they were going to end the show after 16 episodes, as the original since if it was popular, they’d never want to cancel it.

    But this….this is so wrong!! I’ve fallen in love with ALL the characters all over again, but in a different way. After the 2nd episode I quit comparing it to the UK LoM and looked at it as its own show…and I fell in love!!! What Jason O’Mara does for the character of Sam is something I didn’t feel in the UK version. He made him ‘real’.

    Why couldn’t ABC just have given them the 16 weeks? Would it have killed them? Would they have gone broke? I doubt it to either question.

    Personally, I believe the US version got better when they quit trying to copy, word for word, the UK version. But that was also when they sent it away, way back in Oct. And Oct to Jan is a LONG time in tv land!

    Speaking of copying, why do the big-wigs at the studios think that the only way to get ratings on a former BBC show is to use the scripts word for word, story for story? Most of them can be “Americanized” fairly easily without losing the original flavor of the show.

    I am so crushed to hear this news.

  • Matt

    I am sad the show is being cancelled. I think the acting and plot lines are great albeit bizarre, which makes the show unique. Too many shows are mindless drivel like mental bubblegum, whereas LoM actually makes you pay attention and think, which is why it didn’t last here.
    We are stuck with reality shows like Idol, which to make matters worse gets 10 minutes of talk time on the local Fox news. The only reality show i watch is Biggest Loser, and even that is starting to get boring.
    I am at glad that there will be an ending to the show, until Journeyman which i was begining to enjoy before he was left somewhere in the past when the show was cancelled during the writers strike.

  • sam sousa

    another good show cancelled after i was getting into it. just like the black donnelys. we should start a petition to save it. if abc doesn’t want it then maybe another network will pick it up and give us fans another good sci fi

  • Kevin

    Great show. Sad to see it go but at least it will have a proper ending.

  • mj

    Actually, I do think Life on Mars is a decent show. The cast does a good job, it is well filmed, the sets are much better done than in other shows and it was a change to see a funny Harvey Keitel. Plus they deserve credits to try and do something different. So no need to trash it like you do.

    Of course, and I predicted it too, it wasn’t not going to last long simply because it would then become a bad show – just like a story like prison break should’ve ended at season 2. But I’m getting tired of those shows dragging on forever. It’s normal that it will have a proper finale. Like any other good show.

    Why do you loathe this show anyway? Do you prefer those reality TV shows (which are all scripted and rehearsed) they serve us at prime time?

  • jon doe

    i cant belive that someone would say somthing so retarted about somthin original on us tv

  • “i cant belive that someone would say somthing so retarted about somthin original on us tv.”

    i wouldn’t be so quick to criticize, john doe, although one could certainly call your spelling “original.”

    there was a full fledged british series called Life on Mars that ran for 16 episodes before the US one. the US one lifted the premises, the characters, their names and their timeline. therefore, the US one is *not* “original.” whether you like the US LoM or not is a matter of opinion and taste, as are most things.
    maryann expressed her opinion, she gave her reasons and other people have done the same.

    ridiculous 3rd grade insults and comments are unnecessary. unless you are actually, in fact, in the third grade.

  • Barry

    I think this Mary Ann whoever was the one who was lost on Gilligans Island for so long. That would explain why she doesn’t like a very good show like LOM. Wait, maybe she wants to make room for more reality tv CRAP in that time slot. Definitely shows her lack of intelligence…

  • MaryAnn

    a very good show like LOM


  • Randall

    I like both the UK & US versions of LoM. Since this article does not allow expressing one’s opinion and taste not going to say which one I liked better. Go to a place thats objective and mature.

  • Christian

    I haven’t seen the BBC series, but I would like to see it. I understand people not liking re-makes. It’s normal to prefer the original. People always feel that way. I really enjoy the US version though. I think that Jason O’Mara, Gretchen Mol, Harvey Keitel, and Michael Imperioli do a great job. I think the acting is very good. The writing is very clever. At first I found Michael Imperioli’s character, “Ray” to be obnoxious. He really grated on my nerves. But now, although just as “obnoxious”, the writers have shown us a little of who he is, not perfect, but he seems to be a decent guy overall. And let’s face it, his lines are hilarious. I love the “mustard burp” crack in the last minute of episode 16 as he stands by Chris’s bed, (check it out on ABC online episodes). I have begun to look forward to the comedy in the lines as much as solving the cases and wondering if Sam will ever get home.
    I also agree with the person above who wrote that it’s nice to see the comedic side of Keitel. I agree. I’ve always liked his acting and, if asked, wouldn’t have guessed that he would be good in a comedic role, but I would have been wrong. In response to “Mellie” who wrote above, I’m sure he isn’t like Philip Glenister, but that’s because he’s Harvey Keitel, and nothing against Philip, who I am unfamiliar with, I think Harvey is a great actor. If you start watching a series with the intent to compare actors, I think you will always be disappointed. In my mind, there will always be only one James Bond, and one James T. Kirk, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t be good as well.
    Like many others here, I hate the “reality” garbage that’s so prevalent on today’s TV, but to another’s point, “It’s what people want”. I have far too much reality in my life already. I have no desire to watch the “drama” in other’s lives.
    Which brings me back to LOM. I think it’s an extremely “original” (even if it is a copy), series, which breaks away from the rest of what we typically see on TV today. And… it has the added bonus of being relatively clean, or as clean as things get these days.

  • jeff

    I’ve yet to see the British version. Loved the American. I am sad to see it go and will be watching this Wednesday for the season finale. :(

  • MaryAnn

    I like both the UK & US versions of LoM. Since this article does not allow expressing one’s opinion and taste not going to say which one I liked better. Go to a place thats objective and mature.

    *banging head against desk*

    Objectivity = maturity?

    Open comments section that doesn’t even require registration and lets anyone post = no allowance for the expression of opinion?

    What planet do you people live on?

  • Randall

    A planet where its ok to say ones likes or dislikes without it devolving into some argumentative battle.

  • drew ryce

    LOL, let me know when your planet discovers the internet.

  • Alex

    Not to be rude, but the American “Life on Mars” was very good thank you very much. I will admit the ending was odd and rushed but that does not mean the show was bad as a whole. Personally i liked it and i have many friends that do. And as for the (The fans, thats cute joke) there are fans, a lot of them. So don’t saying there aren’t any. That comment should be deleted according to the rules posted above the “post a comment” box. I would gladly take any response to this post. thank you

  • Robert

    This comment is directed at MaryAnn Johanson.
    Hey, here’s a thought: If you don’t like Americanized versions of British (or BBC) TV programmes, then DON’T WATCH THEM. You snooty bitch. I liked the BBC version of “Life on Mars”, and I liked the American version as well. Many BBC to American conversions have been passable, and in some cases better. But to act like such a twat, over what turned out to be a pretty good show, is really ignorant on your part. I bet they couldn’t pull a needle out of your butt with a tractor.

  • Saladinho

    I don’t get it. Are there people on here who have a personal stake in the American version of Life on Mars? I mean, were they working on it or something? What’s with the personal attacks? She didn’t like the series. She didn’t run over anybody’s mother.

  • Christian

    I just finished watching the BBC version. I liked it too. They are both good. I think the BBC versions acting may be a little grittier or more serious, but still really funny at times, thanks to the verbal sparring between Hunt and Sam. “I think you left out the Jews”- Sam to Hunt following Hunt’s tirade- hilarious! Someone had written about Philip Glenister, and I can see why. I think he did a great job. I would like to check out some other things he’s been in. I think I still prefer the US version though, because it seems more familiar to me. The references mean more to me and I really liked seeing Keitel be both a tough guy and humorous. Both Glenister and Keitel stole the show though. They made you want to come back each week to see what crazy stunt they would pull next. I liked Gretchen Mol better than BBC Annie, but that may be due, in part to her continued support of Sam, where her British counterpart didn’t always seem to be there for him. Though I’m glad both series had a “finale”, I thought both were a little disappointing. BBC: ? What was that? Suicide? I guess that’s what was to be “understood” from his running leap off a building. I didn’t care for the viewer being forced to accept his suicide as the alternative to “abandoning” Annie and his friends. The US version wasn’t much better though, with it’s “It was all a glitch in the dream simulation program” explanation. I did like Keitel’s white patent shoes touching down on “MARS” though. Ha. cool finish. I’m glad I watched both. I think both of them could have gotten 2 seasons, but it is what it is. Thanks for what we got.

  • Karen Harper

    I found myself watching the American adaption of Life on Mars from nearly the beginning, and fell in mindless love with it almost immediately.
    Yes, the American adaption. After having seen a few episodes, I noticed the original on Showcase, with Ashes to Ashes following it. (I’d like to note that I didn’t enjoy Ashes to Ashes as much.) Grated, this may be because I have a bias against so-called “spin-offs” and tend to judge them before watching them. Note the term spin-offs as opposed to remakes. It’s a bit of a shame, and something one has to set aside before attempting to watch the show, or it will be impossible to enjoy it properly.
    I felt as if the two shows, although they shared a plot, were stepping in different directions, which may give them differences, but certainly doesn’t make one inferior to the other, something I noted after having seen some of the original. Both shows were well done and could just as easily have been watched separately.
    More than the series ending itself – which was a shame after so few episodes that had a plot that could stretch for two to three seasons (any more would ruin the show – I was disappointed with the ending. It could have been much better composed despite the short time their were given to foreshadow and write it.

  • Gary metzker

    I think life on mars was the best show i’ve ever seen. The reason these idiots don’t like it is it made you think,if you were old enough to live through the 70s,you would appreciate how realisticly the show was about everything in those days.It was great to flash back on that.The show was not giving 1 half a chance. My Theory is, that there was’nt enough ethnic backgrownd “if you know what i mean” in the show,and thats fine with me!!! Im going to miss it dearly.And i don’t watch anything BBC…..

  • i “lived” through the 70s (and not as a very young child, either) and the american version was like looking at a fun-house mirror of the time period. my father was a cop at that time, most of his friends (and some of mine) were cops, and not one cop i ever knew spoke or behaved the way these clowns do. and what happened to the cigarette smoke? the 70s was a cloud of smoke in every room and office; being a non-smoker was the exception, not the rule — as i know, since i never smoked. i was in a band, and bars were like walking through some sort of fog.

    if you enjoyed the show, fine, whatever… but to say it really reflects the 70s is just ridiculous.

  • Elena

    Well, I am way too late to this discussion, but I just discover this site few days ago. And I had to weight in for this blog. I actually watched US version of LoM first. And I have never heard before about the original version. But all that critic’s lovefest before its October premier intrigued me, so I gave it a try. And first episode left me cold. Yes, interesting premise. Yes, pretty attractive main actor. But characters did make me care about them one way or the other. So I did not have any desire to be back for second episode. And this march I finally saw the original “Life on Mars”. And contrary to American show I could not wait to meet that Sam and the rest of the team for the second time, so after watching only first episode I downloaded the whole series and bought it the next day from UK Amazon. And IMHO it is one of the greatest TV shows ever made. I hope that you will review the series one day, MaryAnn, so that more people will get to know the proper Sam and Gene.

    To someone who said that they just wouldn’t like the original because they wouldn’t fill connected to the series since they did not lived in Britain in 1973. How narrow minded do you have to be to feel this way? Do you always watch only TV or movies about Americans, written and filmed by Americans, acted by Americans? I hope not, other wise I fill sorry for you. I am Russian, living in US and I love British LoM (and british tv in general). And I never even have been in Britain.

    And to others who is saying that O’Mara’s Sam felt more real to them. Well, we all have our opinions about actors, but for me Mr. Simm made Sam as real as he could be, being fictional. Simm’s acting was not just much better than Jason O’Mara’s, Simm’s acting was in the absolutely different league. I have never heard of John Simm until just recently. But now I am almost worshiping this brilliant actor. This is what Paul Abbott (author of “State of play”) said about John:

    When John acts, he truly becomes the person he is playing and, to this day, I don’t know how he does it. He doesn’t act from his heart, he acts from his spleen. It just comes out of him like oil’. Even now, Abbott says, he always writes with Simm in mind, even on projects that he knows he won’t be in.

    I am afraid that Americans starting to forget what really good acting is on television these days. And John Simm is one of those rare actors who make you really care. Even when he is little miscast imo, like in “Devil’s whore”, his acting is still truly powerful.

  • troll

    posted by drew ryce (Tue Mar 31 09, 7:57PM)

    LOL, let me know when your planet discovers the internet.

    Let me know when you grow a brain.

  • .:S1Ck:.//2DoP3!!

    People who like this show are inbred, unintelligent idiots with no taste.

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