watch it: ‘Watchmen’ opening credits

To the commenter who complained that this site has been all about Watchmen lately: tough noogies. I’m excited about it… and I think a lot of you are, too.

So here’s the amazing opening credits of Zack Snyder’s film. Warner Bros. has been trying to quash this video, which may be the supreme act of cluelessness in the face of the power of the Internet of recent vintage. This is better than most of the trailers of the film, and may draw in some folks who avoided the film over opening weekend.

I know I never get tired of watching this. I wondered recently if it’s unfair to call Snyder a visionary. This credit sequence may be evidence that it’s not… if he had anything to do with it, if it wasn’t entirely the work of special effects firm yu+Co.

My favorite moment: Ozymandias outside Studio 54 in the 1970s. That so perfectly captures the pop-culture appeal of masked avengers in the recent past of the world of Watchmen, and highlights in a way that’s quite poignant how far they’ve fallen in the eyes of the public in the 1985 of this world.

(If the video isn’t playing, try here — it still seems to be available at this link.)

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