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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Who Watches the Watchmen? – A Veidt Music Network (VMN) Special – 1983”

It’s fake 80s-riffic! It’s viral-orama!

At least someone knows how to fake this stuff right.

(More cool Watchmen promo stuff at The New Frontiersman.)

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  • JoshDM

    Classy and well-done, but the nitpicker in me would have preferred a few hits at the classic Minutemen hits beyond Sally Jupiter. Some Hooded Justice, Mothman, Dollar Bill, or even Captain Metropolis would have made this video for me. :/

  • Alli

    Good point Josh.

    I really can’t decide if I want to see this or not. I enjoyed the Graphic Novel, but I’m not a huge fangirl of it (I’ve only read it once). I enjoyed it for it’s intense look at moral philosophy and ethics, so I’m worried that part will be lost in a Zack Snyder action flick. Yes it looks like Watchmen, smells like Watchmen, but is it Watchmen?

  • Sarah

    Seems more like Adrian would be using VMN to promote Millennium rather than Nostalgia…

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