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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

weekend open thread: almost April Fool’s edition

Got a lot of catching up with reviews to do — 12 Rounds definitely; not sure yet if I have anything special to say about Haunting in Connecticut; plus some indies and foreigns and DVDs — but I’m taking a bit of a break for part of today to hang out with some friends. Then it’s back to cracking the whip on myself…

I realized last night that I no longer have Battlestar Galactica blogging to look forward to each Saturday morning. I need to find something else to replace it, I guess. I’m thinking maybe Kings blogging: the first two episodes were really intriguing… though since that airs on Sunday, that’s not gonna give me something to post that’s a reason for people to visit here on Saturday. Maybe I should blog about old Saturday morning cartoons…

Anyway, feel free to chat among yourselves, or ask me whatever you want to ask… within reason, of course. I absolutely refuse to share the secret recipe for my famous egg salad.

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