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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

weekend open thread: spring has sprung edition

It snowed here in the Bronx yesterday morning, but today is bright and sunny and almost warm. Finally.

I’m still getting my head wrapped around that BSG finale last night, and I’ll write about it later today. Now, I’m off to a screening of Monsters vs. Aliens, in IMAX. Then it’s work work work for the rest of the weekend.

Feel free to use this open thread to discuss whatever you like with other FlickFilosopher.com readers…

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  • Rosalyn

    I’ll be interested to hear MaryAnn’s take on Monsters vs. Aliens. But more importantly, I’m interested to hear that it snowed in the Bronx. I live in Toronto and I have a bet going with a friend that we’ll get at least one more big dump of snow before the end of the month. We have defined “Big Dump” as being 10cm or more during a single storm event.

  • Anne-Kari

    I’m doing the usual mom weekend stuff, but one big change: Tomorrow, Sunday, is my quit day. After a 25 year battle with cigarettes I decided enough was enough. Wish me luck, guys!

  • Bill

    Anne-Kari – good luck. so, you get to have your “last one” today? “last ones” are awesome. i remember my first “last one”. i was on a boat in the bering sea, waves crashing over the bow, wind howling at like 60 knots. it was like a damn Turner painting. all sublime and what not. anyway, it was awesome. enjoy!!

    anyone check out Elegy? never read the novel it was based on and from what i’ve heard others say, the film was sanitized a bit. surprise surprise. but i dug it. i’d be interested to hear what you all thought of the characters and relationships on display. Day of the Dead: The Need to Feed, not so much. It might be fun to watch muted with some good music playing in the background. No need to suffer through the dialogue if you can avoid it.

    gave up on woody allen’s Celebrity about 20 minutes in. no offense, woody. big fan.

  • Anne-Kari

    Bill – yep, just had my ‘last one’ a few minutes ago. Fairly anticlimatic: Went out to the back yard as usual, smoked, stubbed out, end of story. Or so I hope :)

  • MaryAnn

    I’m interested to hear that it snowed in the Bronx.

    It was only a dusting, and it melted as soon as the sun came out, but still: I’m so tired of winter.

    Good luck kicking the cigs, Anne-Kari.

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