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‘Life on Mars’ now available for preordering at Amazon


Well, maybe.

Yes, it’s cool that everyone who does not have a region-free DVD player will soon be able to watch the original and best Life on Mars — it’ll be out on July 28. (Pictured is the Region 2 set, because there’s no art for the Region 1 set yet.)

This is my one worry: The music is so integral to the show, and music-rights issues are often an issue when dealing with international DVD releases. I wish I could say that anything produced in the 2000s would be immune from these problems, because surely people would have taken into account the fact that everything gets released everywhere on DVD eventually and so would have dealt with those rights issues from the very beginning. But this is not the case. So I’m worried that we’re going to find that some music has been replaced on the Region 1 set because rights were not cleared for North America.

I’ve got a review copy of the Region 1 set coming, so I’ll be able to compare with Region 2, and I’ll let you know watch the sitch is as soon as I can.

If you want to order from Amazon U.K., go for it — you can’t go wrong:

Series 1 in Region 2 (Amazon U.K.)
Series 2 in Region 2 (Amazon U.K.)
both in a box set in Region 2 (Amazon U.K.)

(Thanks to reader Nevin for pointing out the preordering availability.)

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