the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘The Spirit’

I guess this had to happen eventually, but you always think these things will never come to pass: The worst movie of 2008 is now available on DVD. In a two-disc special edition, no less. Because twice as much bad is better? The mind boggles.

I wrote this back in December, when The Spirit was new in theaters:

The Spirit looks amazing, there is no doubt about that: it achieves the stark graphic quality of a cheaply manufactured but thematically urgent pulp comic book. But it doesn’t look amazing in any different way than Sin City did, and that movie had something to say about modern society, about the role and importance of our telling stories about modern society. This one has nothing to say, nothing at all, and its emptiness is appalling. To say that The Spirit is a disaster of epic proportions is both to overplay the situation, and to underplay. The Movies will be fine, once this one is forgotten, but to look at it in the future will be to see the very emptiness that is threatening to overtake us at the moment.

Empty empty empty empty empty.

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