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question of the day: What do you think about the alternative ‘Wolverine’ easter eggs being shown around the planet?

[warning: contains spoilers for the post-credit sequences of Wolverine… but you can read half this post before you encounter the spoilers, before which there’s another warning]

I first learned about the alternative easter eggs for X-Men Origins: Wolverine in a post by Ryan Gilbey at the Guardian Film blog, which bears this headline:

Why does Wolverine have a different ending depending where you watch it?

Are the alternative endings in the European and US versions of Wolverine a treat for devoted fans or just a cynical marketing ploy?

But a little research online only muddles the issue: posts at Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily and Sci Fi Wire seem to suggest that which easter egg you get to see is not a matter of geography but of randomness: some prints have one attached, and some prints have the other.

FYI, that Guardian post does not include any spoilers, but the two in the paragraph above do. Now, here’s more spoiler stuff:

The easter egg I saw, post-credits — at both my press screening and the public showing I attended last weekend, both in New York City — features Deadpool’s hand crawling its way toward his severed head, and then his eyes open and the implication is that he’s going to somehow survive to wreak more havoc.

The other easter egg apparently features Logan in a bar in Japan, with the implication being that a subsequent Wolverine movie will take place there.

(There appears to be no difference in the scene that comes early in the credits, in which Stryker, who has walked till his feet bled, is arrested for the murder of that other general.)

What do you think about the alternative Wolverine easter eggs? Are they, as the Guardian asks, just a cynical marketing ploy, or merely the early deployment of a DVD extra? And let’s see if we can figure out where the various easter eggs are being seen: tell us in which town/city you saw the movie and which easter egg you got. (And if you didn’t see that bit with Stryker and saw something else instead early in the credits, tell us that, too.)

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me.)

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