question of the day: What’s your dream DVD bonus feature?

Last week over at Film.com I wrote about a new technology that will enable a single DVD to hold what now would fill one hundred discs. A new golden age of pointless commentaries and utterly ignorable bonus features is upon us, like, maybe:

George Lucas’ “fantasy” commentary track on The Phantom Menace, in which he daydreams about what Adam Smith and Karl Marx would have had to say about the Trade Federation, planetary embargoes, and interstellar monopolies.

But these mega-capacity DVDs won’t have to be used for evil. Perhaps some good could come of it. What’s your dream DVD bonus feature for discs of near-infinite capacity? Could be a general kind of bonus material that would world for any film, or something specifically connected to a particular film.

I’d love to see every frame of footage shot for a movie included on a disc — all the rushes, all the dailies, all the shots ruined by weather or equipment in the shot or technical malfunctions, all the alternative takes in which the actors explore different emotional reactions — so we can really see how much goes into making the finished film the finished film.

(If you have a suggestion for a QOTD, feel free to email me.)

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