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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: trippy 1970s Levis jeans commercial

Flares with Dacron polyester: they’re magic!

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I think I might make Thursdays “funky old TV commercial” day for Web Video of the Day…

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  • JSW

    Odd to see ads that are so straightforwardly about the product they’re advertising. I miss those.

  • Mimi

    I am totally in favor of a regular “funky old TV commercial” day.

    And that ad is insane. Awesomely insane.

  • hdj

    I thought I saw Fat Albert at the end there

  • Bobbi A

    I agree with JSW, I miss straightforward adverts HOWEVER, I don’t miss bell bottom houndstooth slacks. YIKES!

  • Mo

    Wow, if this is what commercials were like at the time, suddenly the crazy old Bashki version of Lord of the Rings makes a lot more sense… sort of.

    Funky old tv commercial day sounds like fun.

  • Victor Plenty

    The relentless menacing undertone of this advertisement must have given nightmares to a whole generation of young children.

    “By the way… How are things in YOUR town?”

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