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die hard is a xmas movie | by maryann johanson

question of the day: Does it matter if BBC1 doesn’t air any American TV shows?

IMDB’s Studio Briefing reports:

BBC1 Won’t Air Any U.S. TV Shows

British television, one of the most reliable markets for U.S. television shows, is cutting back drastically on its spending abroad — and BBC1 may not air a single U.S. TV series next season, BBC1 controller Jay Hunt told the British Broadcasting Press Guild on Tuesday. “It is very unlikely that we will show U.S. series in primetime.” Hunt, however, hedged a bit later in her remarks, saying, “If something came along that, to be blunt, blew my socks off, I might change that, but part of what I’m proud of is our record in domestic production and I want to keep that being really strong.”

And…? So…? Perhaps this is payback for the U.S. networks taking great BBC programs and destroying them with remakes instead of, you know, just airing the original British programs in the first place?
I don’t really believe that, of course, and of course I recognize that this means that a formerly consistent source of revenue for the American networks will be cut off. But hey: that’s what’s happening to everyone these days. If we’re forced to live with it, I’m sure the networks will manage, too. Naturally, they’ll do that by firing the little people, not by cutting the salaries and bonuses of the executives. Because they’re doing such great jobs.

But as far as viewers are concerned, so what? More and more people are watching stuff online these days anyway — in less than authorized ways, if the powers that be are shortsighted enough not to give viewers authorized alternatives to the tube.

Does it matter if BBC1 doesn’t air any American TV shows?

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