question of the day: Should we be worried about ‘Iron Man II’?

Oh dear. MTV’s Splash Page is unhappy about how 2010’s Iron Man II is shaping up, because:

While… “The Wrestler” star [Mickey Rourke] will play an amalgam of Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash rather than one or the other (as had previously been pondered), there is one big question that remains: was the decision to combine several characters into a new character a wise move?

By blending two established characters in the Marvel Comics universe (or more, given the similarities to Wolverine villain Omega Red in the look Rourke is sporting for the character, as well as his weapons’ resemblance to those of another Marvel villain, Constrictor) and creating an entirely new, mash-up character, “Iron Man 2” director Jon Favreau is treading where few filmmakers have gone before — and even fewer have traveled successfully.

But I’m worried because the image of Rourke is downright terrifying:


The other recently released image, of Downey, is more reassuring:

Just because it’s Downey, though.

So: Should we be worried about ‘Iron Man II’?


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