the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Britney Spears: Girls Are Always Right’

BritneyBash.com — which is a gushing fan site, actually, and not a place to bash her, as I’d hoped when I saw that URL — like totally OMG sez:

This 2 DVD set celebrates Britney’s entire working life as it features interviews with the girl herself and those who know her best, archive footage from all eras of her career, rare photographs and film, much from private collections, location shoots and news reports and a host of other features, making this the most enthralling and entertaining documentary film yet on the life of Britney Spears.

I’m so glad we’re getting a complete and comprehensive look at Spears’ life — it was like everyone was expecting us to wait until she was 30 or something before we got a proper documentary about her, or a proper retrospective of all the many eras of her career. Just because an era lasts only six months doesn’t mean it’s not important!

The “girls are always right” attitude does explain a lot, however. As long as a gal is at the wheel of a car, a baby don’t need to be secured in a carseat. A girl can do no wrong!

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