new DVD releases in Region 1, July 14

green light (definitely check it out):

The Edge of Love: I saw this on the plane going to England last fall. Good stuff about Dylan Thomas — it’s got Keira Knightley and everything! [Amazon U.S.] [now available at Amazon U.K.]

Mad Men: Season 2: Funny how it makes the 60s look cool and stylish and terrifying at the same time — I’m so glad I wasn’t a woman then. [Amazon U.S.] [now available/preorder at Amazon U.K.]

yellow light (worth a look on DVD)

Explicit Ills: If you can stand the intense earnestness, it’s not bad. [Amazon U.S.]
red light (not worth your time):

The Haunting in Connecticut (Unrated Special Edition): I saw the regular ol’ rated edition, but it’s hard to imagine more graphic scares rendering it any less silly. [Amazon U.S.] [preorder at Amazon U.K.]

G.I. Joe A Real American Hero: Season 1.1: Remember how those G.I. Joe dolls had that weird scratchy fake beard? I bet Barbie loved that, that Joe actually had testosterone enough to grow some facial hair (unlike Ken). This cartoon wishes it had that kind of manliness. [Amazon U.S.]

Get the complete list of this week’s new releases at Amazon U.S.

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