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question of the day: How should Sarah Palin cash in on her media-doll-hood?

Forget the political as personal. The political is entertainment-a-licious in 2009. Variety recently pondered the media future of soon-to-be ex-governor of Alaska Sarah Palin:

In the days since she announced her resignation as Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin’s decision has remained a source of mystery, speculation and debate. But there’s little doubt that she’ll have a future in the cable news universe, if that’s what she desires.

Even before last year’s presidential election, TV producers and packagers speculated that, should she be freed from the constraints of elective office, she’d be a big “get” as the host of a Fox News show or even a daytime syndicated yakker. When she made her bombshell announcement on Friday, one theory was that she had been made an “offer she can’t refuse” from some TV network.

In a world where Rush Limbaugh is treated as the de facto head of the Republican Party, with tremendous sway over lawmakers given his talkradio perch, Palin could do a lot worse than establishing some kind of a TV or radio brand. Freed from the provincial politics (and investigations) that come with a statehouse job, she could wield more influence from a media platform.

A radio or TV talk show would be easy, of course, but — not forgetting that she hates the media — surely Palin’s prospects are so much larger than that! A sitcom (That’s Our Governor!, Mondays on CBS)? A cable detective drama (Little Miss Lieutenant, in which a hard-nosed homicide investigator [Palin] in the 1970s is constantly battling the sexism of her fellow cops)?

Let’s find Palin a new job! How should Sarah Palin cash in on her media-doll-hood?

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