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return of the sonic screwdriver, and… those boots!

Not that the sonic screwdriver ever really went away. But it seems that Matt Smith’s new Doctor has a new and improved toy. Maybe it’s 3G? Certainly, he can tweet with it…

I’m mostly posting these to annoy my Doctor Who pal Bonnie, who is in mourning for David Tennant’s Doctor and refuses to hear anything about Matt Smith. I’ve warned her that I’m going to remind her how silly she was being now when she falls in love with Smith’s Doctor next year, and she will, because how can you not? He’s the Doctor.

Anyway, Bonnie somehow missed seeing the boots in the images I posted last week, so I’m posting some more, and also because I totally love the boots and the rolled-up trousers:

The boots? They’re very sexy. Someone said they kinda make the Doctor look like Johnny Rotten, but I can’t help but think of Alex and his droogs:

Not that I find Alex and his droogs sexy — I find the boots sexy in spite of the association. And A Clockwork Orange is probably is not the kind of thing you want to be thinking about in connection with the Doctor: Torchwood might get away with that, but not Doctor Who.

More pix at Den of Geek: watch out for spoilers! DoG also offers a short history of the sonic screwdriver, if you need a brushup.

How long do we have to wait for more Doctor Who? Arrghh!

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