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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Simon’s Cat ‘Fly Guy’”

Cats don’t mean to be destructive or disgusting — it just sort of happens:

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  • Lea

    Kitty gotta do what a kitty gotta do! Hilarious and delightful dance of destruction complete with a snack afterwards…that’s what you get for sleeping on the job! This made my day…

  • nyjm

    This is my Tatiana to a “T”! This guys really knows his felines. Hilarious!

  • From someone whose cats have their own Twitter, here’s a big “paws up”!

    Cats, you either understand them or you don’t. My office mate hates them just because of the evil ones on scary movies.

    I guess some people really are influenced by what they see on screen.

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