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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

watch it: the 7/25/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

I was away from the computer all day yesterday, which I wasn’t quite expecting to happen, and so none of my usual Saturday stuff got posted. I’ll catch up today. If I were really on the ball I could have prepared most of those posts in advance and scheduled them to post while I was away, but there never seems to be any time for that. And of course Obama’s weekly address is not preparable-in-advance, since that doesn’t get released till Saturday morning anyway. Let’s see what he had to say:

Why is everyone still talking about health insurance? Health insurance is the problem! There shouldn’t be a “marketplace” for health care anymore than there’s a “marketplace” for firefighting or police protection! Or are we suddenly going to have to worry about making sure we have insurance to cover the investigation of a crime that we’ll be expected to pay for ourselves, should we be robbed or raped? “Sure, your plan covers the collection of evidence but, hey, you chose not to spend the extra money for the rider that covers the laboratory analysis… What? You think police work should be free? You expect the government to just hand it to you?”

Why is Obama talking about “reform” that involves small businesses still having to buy health insurance for their employees? If anyone truly cared about small business, they’d be out there on our TVs screaming about how in England and Canada and France, small-business owners aren’t crushed by these ridiculous costs and don’t have to worry about losing the best talent to big corporations that can offer better benefits than the small companies, and how dare we let stand a situation in which England and Canada and France offer a better environment to entrepreneurs than the United States of America?! (Why should it be our employers’ responsibility to provide health insurance, anyway? How did that come about?)

But the bullshit our politicians — on the right as well as on the so-called left — dish out to us about America being the greatest country is the world is just pap meant to pander to us and to placate us. They know the situation could be far, far better than it is. (Or if they don’t, they are far, far too stupid to be in office. But these people are not stupid: they are wily and self-serving and know exactly what they’re doing.) And our politicians do not care about ordinary Americans, certainly not the ones who run small businesses. Ordinary Americans and small businessns do not put millions of dollars into politicians’ pockets. Big corporations do… including the health-insurance scammers.

So that’s why no one — no one — on our TVs will state the honest truth: a national single-payer plan would cost all of us much less money than we’re paying now, would assure better health care for everyone, and would make small businessness more competitive. Instead, the ones who oppose even these meager “reforms” lie to us about “socialism” and “rationing” and other hot-button words meant to terrify the uninformed. And the ones who supposedly are for “reform” water down their “reform” so much that they might as well not even bother.

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