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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: the 7/4/09 weekly address from President Barack Obama

Global recession… global warming… Who says we’re not united as a planet and a species? Why, we’re practically living in the Star Trek utopia!


Our economy has been pulled back from the brink? The economic freefall has been stopped? Funny how it doesn’t feel that way at all…

And would everyone please STFU about the necessity of maintaining health insurance? Health insurance is the problem, not the solution!

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  • Victor Plenty

    Obama did not say the work is finished. We are still in the middle of the process of pulling back from the brink of economic collapse. I’m glad to see this administration approach the recovery as a long, slow process, requiring patience and careful attention to detail.

    The previous administration already tried the path of oversimplifying everything, removing necessary regulations and blindly following ideology over practicality.

    Trying a more pragmatic approach for awhile looks wiser to me, even if it clearly frustrates the purists of both the left and the right.

  • Pollas

    Too bad they can’t show the same patience and careful attention to detail when it comes to health care reform and environmental policies.

  • Victor Plenty

    Pollas, thanks for confirming exactly what I’ve said. You are frustrated because the Obama administration’s approach to these issues does not arise from your own ideology. Thus you make clearly inaccurate statements about Obama’s policies, without even seeming to realize your claims are not true. Obviously false statements appear true to you, because your ideology skews your perceptions.

    People with ideology opposed to yours are also frustrated with Obama’s approach to health care reform and environmental protection, because it does not accord with the radical and sudden policy shifts they would prefer. Their perceptions are also skewed by their ideology.

    To me this is a clear sign that the reforms actually being implemented are patient, pragmatic, and moderate. Observing these overreactions in others is one way to correct for my own flawed perception.

  • Pollas

    Overreaction? Overreaction?

    Obama is demanding that health care reform be passed NOW. Yet no concrete plan has been presented. And yet Obama and his lapdog Pelosi are demanding that it be done by August. If this reform is so important, shouldn’t we take the time to study the problem and study the possible solutions before we pass them? Obama has the wrong-headed idea that bad legislation is better than none. Rushing the process to satisfy some subjective deadline is more likely to make the situation worse.

    And don’t get me started on that cap and trade BS. It’s hundreds of pages long and the House has to hire a speed reader to get through the thing? Not to mention the fact that THE morning of the day the bill was voted on 300 additional pages were added to the bill. Don’t try and tell me that the House members were able to read all those extra pages that day. In fact, one Republican representative asked to look at a copy and was told that they did not have any copies available.

    Patient, pragmatic, and moderate? Sell your snake oil to somone who’ll swallow it.

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