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watch it: ‘Doctor Who’ PBS pledge break from 1987

Oh my god…

This is from California PBS station KVIE, but the pledge breaks were exactly the same on the other side of the continent for me on WLIW on Long Island. IO9 has more. Oh, the fannishness, it hurts.

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  • Man, I grew up in Sacramento in the 1980’s and KVIE is where I got my first dose of Who when they debuted “Robot”. That pledge break footage really took me back. :)

  • I actually worked a pledge drive for a Gainesville/UF channel… if I recall back around 1990-91… Guy they brought in to host it wasn’t a Who fan but a radio talk show host who kept thinking in terms of 1950s pulp scifi novels. Sheesh. :/

  • Chuck

    I agree, painful. I’m a huge fan of the Doctor since I first watched the early B/W programs on LA’s public station in the late 60’s and later when Tom was the Doctor on public TV in Phoenix. As much as I support anyone who gets wrapped up in this program, it still is a bit painful to see the results.

    Even though I’ve been to Gallifrey more than once, I don’t dress up, maybe I am missing out on all of the real fun.

    Maybe the video is only painful if it is a reflection of some part of yourself that you keep bottled up.

    Long live the Doctor and his fans.

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