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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Giant Porch Spiders”

The music is what makes it work:

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  • amanohyo

    That poor little wolf spider is terrified, and rightly so. All the guy had to do was carefully place the cup over the top of the spider, then slowly slide the spatula (or better yet a thin piece of cardstock) between the cup and the floor.

    What blatant anti-arachnid propaganda! The wolf spider species found in North America are shy and almost never bite humans (just don’t mix-up a brown recluse and a small wolf spider). They do however eat pesky insects and other smaller spiders.

    Wait a sec… I just finished the video. It has a happy ending after all. He finally demonstrates the proper capturing technique and safely releases it into the wild. Bravo Zack Scott, I’m sorry I wrote all that stuff about propaganda earlier. My father is an amateur arachnologist and my mother is a Buddhist, so I’m a little oversensitive to spider hate.

  • Pollas

    Watching that was actually a kind of therapy for me. Spiders are one of my biggest phobias and they say one of the best treatments for phobia is exposure.

  • neil

    I was kind of disappointed in how small they ended up being. Much ado about nothing.

  • Chris

    haha, that was great. Even as someone who HATES spiders, that was funny. Don’t worry, I refuse to kill them. It isn’t their fault that they are ugly and evil. And they do eat other, more problematic bugs

  • LaSargenta

    He keeps using the word “ugly”. They are beautiful. He’s a wuss.

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