question of the day: How do you find out what’s on TV?

Not long ago, we talked about how we research movie showtimes in the wake of some major newspapers ending their longtime practice of running movie listings. Now, it’s TV’s turn.

USA Today informs us that “TVGuide.com spruces up to appeal to more viewers”:

[TV Guide Online’s general manager, Paul] Greenberg is eager to show that TVGuide.com has a vibrant future, even as the magazine introduced in 1953 looks back wistfully at its glory days. The website blends listings, news, social networking, video and other features to appeal to a new generation of people who relate to TV in novel ways. “We’ve basically taken the TV Guide brand and turned it digital for a whole new audience,” he says.

I never turn the TV on unless I know there’s something I want to watch, so I never have the situation of needing to search listings for something interesting to watch right now. If I want to know when a specific show is coming up, I usually search either the guide on my TV from my cable company, or I use the Web to find out when a show I want to see is airing. (Though sometimes I’ll just leave CNN or the Weather Channel or SyFy on in the background, which doesn’t necessitate any searching, either.) I can’t remember the last time I used TVGuide.com, never mind any kind of print listings.

And it sounds like TVGuide.com isn’t making listings its main concern anymore either, even though, as with with movies, it just makes more sense to go digital. The site looks like a generic TV news site.

How do you find out what’s on TV?

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