question of the day: How will McG bump ‘Terminator Salvation’ up to an R rating?

Oh, the way they gouge fans. Turns out that when Terminator Salvation is released on DVD this autumn, it’ll be rated R for “some violence and brief nudity.”

As I wrote recently about this very topic over at Film.com:

Yup, because brief nudity is what was needed to make this movie suck less.

As you may recall, the theatrical cut was rated PG-13 “for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and language.” I find it interesting that what qualifies as “intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action” in a PG-13 flick is merely “some violence” in an R-rated one. (I think it’s safe to assume that not only did McG not cut any of the mayhem from his preferred version of the film, he probably restored some.)

So let’s speculate on what, precisely, McG could have done to this film to get an R rating… and what about that newer rating could possibly entice fanboys and fangirls to buy the film on DVD if they weren’t already going to do so.

How will McG bump Terminator Salvation up to an R rating?

(If you need a place to start, my Film.com piece features some speculation on possible Moon Bloodgood nekkidness…)

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