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the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Animated Kids Bible: Towering Pride and True Lies’

I love how the sales copy makes it sound like the worst miniseries ever:

Long after the flood, Noah’s family spreads out into new nations, and the become arrogant and powerful. They decide to challenge God by building a towering ciy that will reach to the heavens. God teaches them a lesson by causing everyone to speak an unknown language. Chaos erupts, and the Tower of Barbel in abandoned. Centuries pass, and Abraham is instructed by God to leave his father as he is destined to found a great nation. Abraham travels to Egypt, and is treated well by the Pharaoh at first, because Abraham tells the Pharaoh that his wife is his sister. But wehn Pharaoh learns that Abraham has deceived him about his wife, he banishes them.

I totally see Lorenzo Lamas as Abraham and Jane Seymour as his wife.

Know what the real sin is here? $14.95 for a 40-minute DVD. That’s unholy.

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