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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Vacuum cleaning our cat”

Oh how I lurves, yes lurves the vakyum:

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  • Kate

    I’d need a wet-dry vac for this, because once I was done with my cat’s fur, I’d have to use it to get up the copious pools of blood she would extract from me!

  • Althea

    Oh! Oh! This is so cool! I just figured something out. There was another video like this the other day, and I was thinking, doesn’t the machine noise hurt the cats ears? And why isn’t the cat terrified and running away?

    Then I realized they’re using a hose vacuum, and the machine could be some distance away. This is so cool! Now, in actuality it probably isn’t as far away as it would need to be for my own cats not to be afraid of it, but what if it was? Ooh, ooh, I could get one and put a long hose on it and vacuum from another room even and NOT HAVE TO BRUSH THE CATS! WOO! This could revolutionize the cat-hair dilemma. Must begin work right away…car keys…hardware store…extra wire…soldering iron…

  • MaryAnn

    I think the YouTube info said this cat is deaf…

  • Kim

    Oh dear lord! That is one hugely fat cat! I don’t think a normal weight cat would like that at all!

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