question of the day: Is there an audience for a “nice” celebrity gossip site?

The nice-nice cable network Hallmark Channel is trying to be nice-nice on the Web with its new site Celebrity Good Life. Though it won’t officially launch till October 23, according to media trade pub Folio, the site is live now. What’s it about? From Hallmark (via Folio):

With the tag line “Cleaning Up the Red Carpet,” Hallmark is calling the site the “anit-TMZ.” “CelebrityGoodLife.com will bring only positive news to the masses who are tired of the mudslinging,” Hallmark said in an announcement. “Whether the news is love and marriage, children, chivalry, dream home, dream vacation, enlightenment, or benevolent altruism, Dixon and Whitney will shine a light through every sector of show business, putting deserving entertainers in a favorable spot.”


The top “featured story” at Celebrity Good Life as of this writing is a promo for a Hallmark Channel movie, which suggests that perhaps the editors are having a tough time finding “nice” celebrity news. There’s also a story about Bob Barker donating money to a charity, another about somebody from Dancing with the Stars who got cake and ice cream on her birthday — seriously — plus recipes for making Halloween ghost sandwiches!

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the Onion’s Jean Teasdale was behind this.

Is there an audience for a “nice” celebrity gossip site? Or is “nice gossip” an oxymoron?

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