question of the day: What classic horror films actually deserve to be remade?

Another Friday, another remake of a horror flick that didn’t really need to be remade. The Stepfather opens today (without benefit of press screenings, which is the SOP of late), but we’ve also had, in recent months, remakes of Sorority Row, Halloween II, and Friday the 13th.

Now, it’s easy to understand why these movies keep getting remade: They’re cheap to produce and nondiscriminating teen audiences flock to them, so they’re guaranteed moneymakers. But that’s not a satisfying reason for lovers of actual good authentically scary horror movies: the reason to remake a movie for us is because there’s something new to said today that could not be said 30 years ago in the tale of, say, a psychopathic gym teacher who wreaks murderous havoc on his students in a twisted attempt to extract vengeance for all the purple nurples he received as a student in that very school.

What classic horror films actually deserves to be remade? And what new things could those remakes have to tell us that the originals didn’t?

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