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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the new ‘Doctor Who’ logo

Here ’tis:

I’m not crazy about it. The inclusion of the TARDIS in the design is a bit, well, cheesy.

But maybe that’s just me. Discuss…

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  • I like the color. I like the “Doctor Who” metallic, stylized lettering. Don’t understand why the buzz I’m reading elsewhere says it’s too retro, but maybe that’s because I’m retro. *shrugs* I wouldn’t mind a stylized TARDIS figure, but I hate the fact that it’s made up of the initials DW. That’s giving too much credence to internet shorthand, in my mind. Not even sure why it bothers me, but it does. The program’s name is not DW, it’s Doctor Who. The Doctor’s initials are not DW. So what’s the DW doing there?

  • MaryAnn

    The color and the retro are cool. The “DW” in the logo, as you note, is not.


  • bitchen frizzy

    The DW Tardis looks suspiciously like a logo – like as in what might be found on T-shirts, ballcaps, keychains, coffee mugs and other fine merchandise to be found at the gift shop or at the gifts page of the official Doctor Who website.

  • LaSargenta

    Yuck. Yup, as bitchen said above, looks like a logo perfect for a key fob. Or a school binder. Or a pvc backpack loaded with some phthlate plasticizer…ready for even more commodification, as if there wasn’t loads already.

  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (rips out hair) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (bangs head against brick wall) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (claws relentlessly at my own eyes, blood and tears streaming down face) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    This would be a “No.”

  • Barb

    Not crazy about the ‘Tardis’ aspect of the logo. At this point, I still am not hyped with the 2010 series.

  • Joanne

    I think they’re probably going to appear separately for the most part. The BBC has a video (YouTube link, hopefully accessible to all) which shows the DW in action as the TARDIS, which works well. I wasn’t completely thrilled though; I quite like the current one and I’m worried it’s too many changes all at once. I can see that the new team want to stamp their mark, but some continuity would be nice.

  • Ryan

    The DW just looks stupid. They could cut that out and not lose a thing.

  • Bobbi A

    I WANT to like it, but I just can’t! I WANT to accept Matt Smith as The Doctor, but I may not be able to do that either. I had a real visceral reaction to seeing a photo of him in the brown suit! I found myself thinking, “Take that off, you imposter!’ It’s funny, I’m usually classified as an “early adopter’ but apparently, not when it comes to Doctor Who.

  • I keep reminding myself that it took me a while to adjust to the other changes that have been made in the series–though I never did get used to that Colin Baker chap. Nor Melanie. And that TV movie–well-sucked.

    That said, the logo is hardly the most important part of the show, regardless of whatever the British equivalent of Mad Men would like you to think.

    Does anyone really believe that Buffy or The X-Files might have lasted a season or two longer had it had a cooler logo?

  • Anne-Kari

    Well, as I have stated before (right here at this site), my first Doctor was Eccleston and I was horrified when he was replaced after just one season/series. I looked askance at David Tennent, with great doubt about his ability to be The Doctor. And he totally won me over.

    I’m going to hold off on my reaction to all the changes until my crazy-ass fangirl feelings calm down a bit.

  • Mimi

    I too am reserving judgment overall (reserving it….. RESERVING IT….)

    But I don’t like the DW part of the logo. It looks like the logo you’d see on the front of your boring, nasty desktop computer at your cubicle job. (And I should know.)

  • Victor Plenty

    Egad, Mimi! You’re right! The new logo does indeed bear an uncanny resemblance to the Dell logo. As in the infamous uncanny valley.

    At first glance I immediately took a dislike to the big DW, without knowing why.

    Then I started reading the comments, which mentioned the logo’s resemblance to the TARDIS. I went back to look at it again. If I make my brain see it purely as a stylized outline of the TARDIS, I actually like it. But the moment I allow myself to realize it contains letters, I hate it again.

    Now I know why. The link to the Dell logo is through the letters. If I ignore the letters, that link goes away, and I can enjoy the artistry of a retro-cool minimalist representation of the TARDIS.

  • Hank Graham

    I’m sorta neutral on the new logo. I’m just hoping Matt Smith will work as the Doctor.

  • Mel

    I don’t care about the logo–I’m more worried about Matt Smith (although I’m in the tiny minority who never quite fell in love with Tennant’s Doctor–he just never seemed to have the compassion that made me love Eccleston’s, and some of the way he treated Martha deeply bothered me).

  • chuck

    Somebody tell Moffat the Tardis windows still are not quite right :)

  • eric-jon waugh

    Why does everyone on the Internet seem to think it’s all one logo? Besides it, uh, clearly not being, the press release makes a point of differentiating the logo from the insignia.


    Two different objects, each with different uses. Though they can be used together in other configurations.


  • Ryan

    “I don’t care about the logo–I’m more worried about Matt Smith (although I’m in the tiny minority who never quite fell in love with Tennant’s Doctor–he just never seemed to have the compassion that made me love Eccleston’s, and some of the way he treated Martha deeply bothered me).”

    Yay, it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who weren’t blown away by Tennant as the doctor. I never really liked him either, too smarmy, too bombastic in attitude yet impotent in action. I much preferred Eccleston, and I hope Matt Smith does well.

  • StrangeAgent

    Bet it only lasts one series.

  • Caro

    For some reason, I just love it!

  • Ryan H

    Two words:
    Lens Flare

    This feels like it’s a 14 year old kid on a forum showing off the ‘cool’ version they did of the real logo. No, photoshop filters don’t make everything better.

  • madeline

    ummm i think one is a logo the other will be in the title music… umm cause two differnet sorts of doctor who names for one logo seems silly also i don’t like the DW thing

  • JoshB

    That’s not a lens flare, it’s a radial gradient.

    This is five minutes worth of photoshop work. I want that person’s job.

  • I’ve disliked *every* logo, opening credit and theme song change — when they first came out. They all eventually grew on me. I’m sure this will, too.

  • NorthernStar

    The DW does smack too much of ‘net speak’, but the colour feels right.

    I don’t like it, but I suspect it might grow on me.

  • Russell

    Hmm, change the DW to an actual (if perhaps stylized) tardis and I think I’d be ok with it. It just doesn’t feel quite right as-is. Of course I could say the same thing about the casting of Matt Smith.

  • I actually like it (although I am with Ryan H. on the lens flare – despite JoshB calling it a radial gradiant, there’s a lens flare there too)

    I like it because my inner 12 year old likes it. It wants to draw it on notebooks and color it with markers (complete with gradient) and to experiment with drawing silhouettes of the Doctor and his mini-skirted companion next to it.

    He likes the bold lines and tall letters with narrow gaps that make for neat parallel lines. Just like the original 12-year old me liked the bold diamond-shape and curved “Doctor” over the block lettered WHO. My inner 12-year old wants to use his computer to make stickers and iron-ons and spread my love of the show with something I can draw.

    The previous logo was nice and it appealed to current me with its ‘eye’ shape and the plasma-fire within. But this new one reaches out to my inner child and so I have a hard time faulting it.

    Hopefully they will tone down the Photoshop effect-iness of it and they’ll use the logo effectively in marketing.

    It has been abundantly clear: Russell Davies knew the Doctor and Kids in that order. Stephen Moffatt knows Kids and the Doctor in that order. His show is likely to turn up the kid appeal but his writing and plotting are very tight and that is what I am truly looking forward to.

    He said that Matt Smith was not who they were looking for, but he was the man they “just knew” was going to be the Doctor. And that excites me too! When someone like Stephen Moffatt says something like that you know that magic will happen.

  • what PaulW said.

    and after Tennant is gone, i’m now taking to my bed with a *case* of port and a truckload of chocolate.

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