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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Oh, Brother – SEAT Altea XL”

Awesome European commercial for you’ll-never-guess-what:

via Americablog

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  • you were right — i never guessed what it was for! but the most interesting thing to me was the use of the word “Brother” instead of “Hermano” which would have done just as well in the song! i wonder if its has a slightly different implication in Spain (the language is spanish in any event) than “hermano”?

  • mmc

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  • Grinebiter

    FWIW I can’t remember anyone in Spain addressing me as either “Brother” or “Hermano” — I have a notion that they don’t have the figurative usage, but I may well be wrong. Alternatively, the “Brother” may just be exotic chic. We Anglos like to salt our speech with foreign words — as the old joke has it, “pretentious, moi?” — and even the French themselves do it.

  • Jan Willem

    Well-travelled Charity Pig sighted at 1:48!

  • MaSch

    Spotted the pig, too, Jan Willem, but was definitely no near relative of Nigel’s, I think.

  • Mike

    The real shocker in the commercial is that instead of buying some behemoth SUV they bought a mid sized station wagon.

  • Grinebiter

    Um, passenger spaciousness is not entirely a function of exterior size. I used to drive a 2002 Toyota Yaris, which was surprisingly roomy for a subcompact. I think I could have gotten the beastie into the front passenger seat, at any rate. And I once hitched a ride in a Lincoln Continental, and was astonished at how cramped it was inside. Moreover, you really wouldn’t want to drive a behemoth SUV in a medieval Spanish town. Remember “The Italian Job”? Rome, but same principle.

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