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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Philip”

Oh, this made me cry:

(From testimony given for and against Maine’s marriage equality bill on April 22, 2009. Thanks to Ken for pointing this out to me.)

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  • Accounting Ninja

    I’m actually shocked -SHOCKED- that the YouTube comments are largely supportive. Usually YouTube is the unholy bastion of the Trolliest Trolls who ever Trolled.

  • Judy

    So poignant – thanks for sharing this!

  • Ken

    @Accounting Ninja: Trolls are probably choosing their battles (not that they bother to fight battles, but ya know what I mean) more wisely. Who’s the most likely people to protest the issue raised? For the most part, the right wing, and the guy said he’s a lifelong Republican. Combined with the fact that the guy’s a veteran and getting up there in years, maybe even trolls are giving trolling a second thought in this case.

    This thing has really gone viral. When I watched it yesterday morning, it had about 70,000 views. It’s since added 200,000.

  • This video makes me proud to say that I live in Maine! I am ready to vote No On One!

  • Accounting Ninja

    @Ken, you’re probably right. What few rude detractors there were were promptly voted down into oblivion. All those little green plusses next to the supportive comments really make me happy :)

  • Shadowen

    This was beautiful.

    At the end, where you see a tear roll off his nose…it’s heartbreaking.

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